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"Our accomplishments would not be possible without your generosity."
— the Dean

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Welcome to SBS, the People College

John Paul Jones III
SBS is the People College

It's been quite a year! A year filled with budget cuts and belt tightening, to be sure, but also one filled with many accomplishments on the part of our faculty and students.

This issue of SBS Developments contains many examples of the ways that our faculty and students reach out to people in our communities. From our work on school gardens, to our program on applied ethics, to our presence in downtown Tucson, SBS is making our region and state stronger.

SBS also does public outreach through its newly established "SBS Week" -- an in-depth analysis of key issues facing our communities, including immigration this past spring and 9/11 this fall. SBS is also the home of the new National Institute for Civil Discourse, which aims to improve the quality of civic engagement and discussion in the United States. Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton are the honorary chairs of this Institute, which promises to be a significant part of the political landscape.

I'm also pleased that we are reporting on the gifts and accomplishments of some powerful and pioneering women -- Clara Lee Tanner, Malakeh Taleghani, Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, Esther Capin and Melody Robidoux.

In SBS, we are working to solve the problems that keep you up at night -- issues related to healthy families and secure communities, global conflict and poverty, and ethics, immigration and environmental change. In doing so, we aim to equip students with the critical thinking and problem-solving tools needed to address real-world issues when they leave the University of Arizona.

Thank you for your continued support, which helps us to do our work and to do it better. Our accomplishments would not be possible without your generosity.

John Paul Jones III, Dean
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


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