Awards, Honors, & Recognitions

The University of Arizona recognizes the work of our faculty members through awards and honors for excellence, innovation, and distinction.  

Honors and Recognition for Faculty

Much of this information is verbatim from the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs and The Office of the Provost websites--collected here for your convenience. 

The Regents' Professors, the highest of faculty ranks, is reserved for full professors with exceptional achievements that have brought them national or international recognition.

The University Distinguished Professors award honors faculty who have made sustained contributions of consistent educational excellence and have demonstrated outstanding commitment to undergraduate education. The Call for Nominations is issued annually in mid-September.

The University Distinguished Outreach Faculty award recognizes faculty who have made outstanding contributions to outreach at the University of Arizona, in the State of Arizona and the nation. The Call for Nominations is issued annually in mid-September.

Distinguished Scholars are outstanding mid-career faculty who are both leading experts in their field and highly valued contributors to the teaching, research, and outreach missions of the University of Arizona. Applications are due to the Dean's office two weeks prior to Provost deadline.

Emeritus Faculty: Faculty who retire from the University, have served a minimum of fifteen years, and receive approval from the President are given the title of Emeritus.  Approved documentation from the department head and dean must be forwarded to the Provost for review.  The Provost submits the recommendation to the President for final approval.

Teaching Awards

At the institutional level, a number of awards recognize outstanding teaching achievement; these include the Henry and Phyllis Koffler Prizes and the Leicester and Kathryn Sherrill Creative Teaching Award. These awards are offered through the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost and the University of Arizona Foundation. The call for nominations is typically issued in mid-September and applications are due in early December. 

Within SBS, there are three college awards: Dean’s Award for Excellence in Lower Division Teaching, Dean’s Award for Excellence in Upper Division Teaching, and Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching. Each comes with a cash award. Calls are issued in the early Spring, with nominations typically due in late March.

Awards for Excellence for Staff and Appointed Professionals

Awards for Excellence include the University Awards for Excellence, the Billy Joe Varney Award for Excellence, the University Team Award for Excellence, and the University Department Award for Excellence. Nominations are typically accepted through late January, with a recognition ceremony held in April.        

For information on student opportunities, please see the Student Scholarships and Student Awards pages.