Section II: Summary of Candidate's Workload Statement

  • For promotion and tenure cases, the unit head writes this summary workload statement in order to provide specific information to external reviewers and faculty status (and promotion and tenure) committee members concerning the percentage effort on the part of faculty for teaching, research and service. Detailed information concerning the meaning of, for example, 40% teaching effort should be provided. For example, in some units 40% teaching effort would indicate a two and two teaching load with the expectation that a certain number of independent studies are also taught, while in another unit a 40% load may indicate one large lecture course (of 500 students) and two other courses.
  • For continuing status and promotion, the unit head should attach the candidate's formal job description. The job description should provide a detailed accounting of percentage of time/effort spent on various activities including teaching, research and service as well as the candidate's contribution to the overall mission of the unit.
  • In both cases, any recent changes to the workload assignment should be detailed in the workload statement/job description.
  • *The workload statement should only include information, not evaluative statements.
  • *Do not include information found elsewhere in the dossier (e.g. the names or numbers of courses taught).
  • *Both the candidate and the unit head should sign the workload statement/job description page.