Chomsky 2017

Noam Chomsky—a world-renowned linguist, public intellectual, and political activist—will be on the UA campus this spring, giving a public lecture and lecturing weekly in the course “What is Politics?”

Chomsky, professor emeritus of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has given several wildly popular talks at the UA over the last four years.

"Chomsky's talks at the UA have been tremendously popular," said John Paul Jones, dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, which is the lead sponsor of Chomsky’s visit. "We thought that students might want a deeper engagement with him, so we asked him if he would participate in a course and he enthusiastically said yes.”

What is Politics?

This spring, Chomsky will be a weekly guest instructor for the course “What is Politics?” with Marv Waterstone, UA emeritus professor in the School of Geography and Development.

For the first time ever, the UA has made it possible to co-convene a regular course with an offering of the Humanities Seminars Program, thus providing an opportunity for community members to learn alongside UA undergraduate students. Connecting students from multiple generations and political outlooks, this course is sure to stimulate ideas, debate and dialogue.

This class has finished.




Chomsky’s visit to the UA is made possible with the additional support of: