Cultural and Heritage Appreciation



Southwest Folklife Alliance

The Southwest Folklife Alliance is an affiliate of the University of Arizona. The organization supports the University’s land-grant mission to educate and serve all members of the community by facilitating cultural diversity and heritage arts education, conducting asset mapping, providing heritage-arts business development training, and more. It is the designated Folk Arts partner of the Arizona Commission on the Arts with the support of the National Endowment of the Arts. SFA’s mission is to build more equitable and vibrant communities by celebrating the culture, heritage and diversity of the Greater Southwest.

  • Tucson Meet Yourself is an annual celebration of the living traditional arts of Southern Arizona's and Northern Mexico's diverse ethnic and folk communities. Each October, the three-day event features hundreds of artisans, home cooks, dancers, musicians and special exhibits that celebrate and honor beauty in all its diverse, informal, and everyday forms.