'Russia and the Muslim World: An Interdisciplinary Symposium'

The UA Department of Russian and Slavic Studies and the Center for Middle Eastern Studies invite you to attend an interdisciplinary symposium on Russia’s political, historical and cultural connections to the Middle East and the broader Muslim world.

The keynote speakers are Sean McMeekin, professor of historical studies at Bard College and Leah Feldman, assistant professor of comparative literature at the University of Chicago

Scholars from the United States, the UK and the Republic of Kazakhstan will speak on topics including Islamic identity and multicultural literature in Central Asia, contemporary Russian involvement in the Middle East, and literary and cultural confluences in the Caucasus, the diverse region between the Black and Caspian seas that falls within the present-day borders of Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey.

The event is sponsored by the UA College of Humanities Teaching and Outreach Grant, the UA Center for Middle Eastern Studies, the UA Department of Russian & Slavic Studies, the UA School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies, the Arizona Center for Turkish Studies, and the Nazarbayev University School of Humanities and Social Sciences. You can RSVP here.

9:30-10:45 Opening Keynote Lecture: Leah Feldman (University of Chicago)

"Toward an Ethno-Futurist Poetics: The Queer Temporalities of Late Soviet Internationalism in the Caucasus and Central Asia"

11:00-12:30 Panel 1: Confluences in the Caucasus and Central Asia

Christopher Fort (Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Michigan) "Mahmudho’ja Behbudiy’s Padarkush and the Transnational Turkic Dramatic Tradition of the Russian Empire"
Rebecca Gould (University of Birmingham) “The Obligation to Migrate and the Stimulus to Narrate: Forced Migration from the Caucasus to Ottoman Lands in the Soviet Literary Imagination"
Samuel Hodgkin (University of Chicago) "The Persianate Thirties: Persian Poetry as World Heritage in the South Caucasus, 1934-35)"

1:30-2:45 Panel 2: Identity and the City

Victoria Thorstensson (Nazarbayev University) "The Astana Text of Anuar Duisenbinov”
Tatiana Rabinovich (University of Arizona) “Working within the System: Muhtasibat and Muslim Women’s Labor in Saint Petersburg, Russia”

3:00-4:15 Panel 3: Pluralism in the post-Soviet era

Andrey Filchenko (Nazarbayev University) "Documentation and Analysis of Linguistic Diversity of
Northern Eurasia"
Daniel Pugh (Nazarbayev University) "Orienting Kazakhstan: Education Reform and the Third Modernization”

4:15-5:00 Closing Keynote Lecture: Sean McMeekin (Bard College), "Russians and Turks: A Family History”

7:30-10:00 Movie: Color of Pomegranates (in M Lang Rm 350)

If you have questions, please contact Julie Ellison-Speight at jellison@email.arizona.ede or Naomi Caffee at caffee@email.arizona.edu


Event Location: 

Student Union Memorial Center, Catalina Room


Friday, November 3, 2017 - 12:00am

SBS Unit: