Food, Water & Traditional Knowledge in Arid Lands

Humanity is putting more stress on our food and water delivery systems than ever before, and ensuring the sustainability of these essential resources is an increasingly difficult problem. While some may look to emerging technologies, digital modeling, or genetic engineering for solutions, there is also a growing acknowledgement of value in traditional knowledge and practices developed over centuries or more.

In this film, practitioners and teachers of Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge, from the Southwestern United States and around the globe, share their views on the role of multigenerational, community-based, and culturally-embedded models of food and water sustainability in arid lands. These are models not only in adaptive practices for food and water security, but also serve as a means to ensure social justice, economic justice, human rights, and political autonomy in times marked by population growth, economic inequality, and changing climates. 

(Last updated: 10/16/2016)

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