(NEW!) Spring 2019 Media & Marketing Assistant Internship


Candice Thomas is a holistic doctor, educator and entrepreneur. She is the founder of two companies: LightWorks Acupuncture, her private practice in Tucson, AZ, and My Self | My Health, her online platform for national programs, workshops and public speaking. She is currently developing curriculum to teach Fall 2019 at the U of A, and completing her book, My, Myself, My Health, also due Fall 2019.




A main focus of our marketing strategy for both businesses is having a strong visual presence online. We also always have a variety of upcoming projects to prepare for, and are seeking to spread our reach. The Media & Marketing Assistant will play a primary role in these activities:

  • Develop a strategy for the kinds of images we want to portray on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Take photos for these variety of approaches, with an eye towards what is flattering/attractive
  • Direct and film video footage for a variety of needs: video blogs, website content, YouTube channel, etc.
  • Edit and produce video footage as needed
  • Regularly send content to marketing team
  • Respond to follower posts online
  • Find and book speaking events
  • Help prepare for events—copies, snacks, supplies, etc.
  • Assist at events as needed
  • Gather testimonials
  • Communicate with other marketing team members

10 – 15 Hours per week, at a variety of locations, including partially working from home. Must have reliable transportation.


  1. Proficiency in basic digital photography, videography, and editing
  2. Proficiency in MS Office suite and contact management software
  3. Marketing savvy: social media, web marketing, telemarketing, etc.
  4. Professional appearance and demeanor
  5. Excellent communication skills
  6. An eager, positive attitude

To apply for this internship please email your resume and cover letter to Candice Thomas at candice@lightworksacupuncture.com.

This internship is eligible for 1-2 units of SBS 393: https://sbs.arizona.edu/sbs-393-internships