Pursuing 'Purpose' at the Expense of Family

In a story about Chris Kyle in The Atlantic, UA Regents' Professor of Philosophy Julia Annas says moral dilemmas come down to a conflict of duties.

"Annas points out that moral dilemmas like the one Kyle faces come down to conflicts of duties. On the one hand, Kyle has a duty to return to Iraq and use his skills as a sniper to protect marines. On the other, he has a duty to his family. If Kyle aspires to be a virtuous person, it would be wrong, Annas says, for Kyle to neglect either duty. Both duties are important. Both duties are worthy. Both duties are valued by society. But when those two duties come into conflict, he must choose among them, and the decision will have a moral cost. The virtuous person will sometimes have to cause pain to loved ones because there is no better option."

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Published Date: 

03/23/2015 - 2:40pm