SBS Faculty Receive Confluencenter Faculty Collaboration Grants

Several of our professors received Faculty Collaboration Grants from the UA Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry!

  • Kelland Thomas (School of Information) will help create a virtual reality representation of Harlem as it stood in the 1920's Jazz Age.
  • Tom Bever (linguistics) and Kevin Lehrer (philosophy) will help explore how depth is perceived in art and how behavior and neurological processes differ as a function of artistic experience.
  • Lydia Otero (Mexican American Studies) will help collect oral stories from the Barrio Libre neighborhood, which will then be turned into a theatrical production.
  • Jake Harwood (communication) and Sandiway Fong (linguistics) will help investigate the linguistic and communicative dynamics of students and their grandparents.
  • J.C. Mutchler (Southwest Center) is involved with examining ranches and ranchers along the U.S.-Mexico border by collecting and analyzing oral histories, photography, and public history.

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Published Date: 

05/22/2015 - 9:09am