Tucson High Seniors Join Community and School Garden Program

Tucson High students Myriam Sandoval and Andres Mendoza-Taddei are newly minted Wildcats!

Seniors Myriam and Andres are enrolled in the Community and School Garden Program, housed in the School of Geography and Development, through the generous support of the Zuckerman Family Foundation. 

“Over the last two years Myriam and Andres have emerged as leaders in the Tucson High garden program and are now enrolled at UA earning college credit, taking leadership skills from UA back into their home communities!” said Moses Thompson, SBS community outreach coordinator and TUSD ecology and sustainability program coordinator.

The students attend night courses alongside college students and learn about gardening, food justice, education, and leadership development.

Both Myriam and Andres, who are first-generation college students, plan to attend the UA in the fall and will enter with three units and their community engagement requirement already fulfilled.

Published Date: 

02/23/2016 - 9:05am