UA Journalism Faculty Recognized

Three members of the School of Journalism faculty at The University of Arizona played an active role at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication national conference Aug. 5-8 in Boston.

Assistant Professor David Cuillier received a first-place Promising Professor award for teaching. The competition is open to faculty who have taught no more than five years full-time. Cuillier also was re-elected research chair for the Law and Policy Division of AEJMC. In addition, he moderated a panel, served as discussant for a research panel and served as a panelist discussing problems journalists encounter while covering law enforcement. Cuillier also presented three research papers.

Associate Professor Shahira Fahmy was elected research chair for AEJMC's Visual Communication Division for 2009-10. Fahmy also presented a refereed paper at a panel of the International Communication and Public Relations division with E. Nisbet titled "USA's Image Overseas: Contributing factors, Image Effects and Public Diplomacy Implications." At a pre-convention panel at the International Communication division, Fahmy presented "Resources In The Media in China."

Assistant Professor Jeannine Relly served as a discussant for research presented at a poster session titled "New Approaches and Research Paradigms in International Communication Research" for AEJMC's International Communication Division. Relly also served as a moderator at the conference for a Law and Policy Division panel titled "Solutions for Secrecy: Judicial and Statutory Avenues for Fostering Freedom of Information" and as a moderator for the International Communication Division panel titled "New Research Paradigms Explored Under the Global Microscope."