Therapeutic Ranch for Animals and Kids (TRAK)


Friday, August 9, 2019


TRAK is a non-profit organization focused on strengthening kids & the Tucson community through animal interaction

Internship Opportunities

  • Animal Veterinary Care –Learn how to care for our many animals, by breed, by special need, etc. Learn how to give Animal First Aid to our 100 plus animals. Learn from and work with the Vet.
  • Our Animals – Get to know our animals. Learn how each of them has a distinct personality and how best to work with them. Learn from them too!
  • Ground Maintenance/Animal Care – Help ranch hands with everyday responsibilities including property maintenance and animal care. Animal care includes; mucking, feeding, grooming and horse handling.
  • Fundraising– Assist in fundraising events and soliciting donations. Participate in grant writing. Assist with making flyers, newsletters and brochures.
  • Little Buckaroos – Assisting kids 7 and under with hand led horse rides and teaching about horses and horse safety. Weekend availability and consistent schedules preferred.
  • Animal-Assisted Life Skills – Help youth achieve personal growth, increase focus, confidence and self worth using human-animal bond experience.

How to Apply

If you are interested in please visit our internship webpage for application materials.

Applications due by August 9, 2019