UA Design Lab Internship


Friday, July 26, 2019


This is not your typical internship. In this position, you get to call the shots while working on real projects with campus and community partners. Do you have a passion for learning and sharing your skills to solve problems? We want to work with you! Read on and take advantage of this opportunity to grow alongside like-minded individuals from across campus. 

You will:

  • Work collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams on real-world projects 
  • Address complex problems using design thinking, lean start up methodologies, systems thinking and other creative problem solving strategies 
  • Co-design and facilitate data collection experiences that engage key stakeholders, including other current students 
  • Present actionable insights to project partners 
  • Synthesize qualitative and quantitative data 
  • Receive leadership coaching based on self-identified growth goals 
  • Build their network both on & off campus 

Relevant skills and mindsets:

  • Learner agility: The ability to quickly adapt and apply feedback to new situations and tasks.  
  • Listening: The ability to listen and incorporate others’ perspectives.  
  • Situational & self-awareness: The ability to successfully adjust one’s behavior to meet team and situational needs.  
  • Motivation: The drive to take initiative to attempt to achieve a goal despite the risk of failure.  
  • Proactive: Always looks to add value, whether it is improving current processes or suggesting new ones.  
  • Communication & Collaboration: Comfortable navigating ambiguity and confident asking for help.  


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