Özlem Özgür

Multimedia Design Specialist

Photo of Ozlem Ozgur

Özlem Ayse Özgür is a multimedia artist and filmmaker. She is the creative director of Cool Genie Pictures film production company. She has worked on numerous documentary films and shorts, including "Home is in the Heart," her MFA thesis film on homeless people in San Francisco, and "Taste Bud Memories," her latest film on refugees, foodways, and Tucson community members. She is currently in production with an international team on the feature documentary "Asikli Höyük."

Özlem has taught film editing, cinematography and post-production, as well as philosophy at Pima Community College. She has a MFA in film from the San Francisco Art Institute, an MA in philosophy from Stanford University, and a BA/BFA in philosophy and art from the University of Arizona. She is currently a doctoral student in the UA School of Geography and Development.

She is excited to help SBS with video production at all stages, from pre-production brainstorming and planning through shooting on-site or in studio, to post-production. You can see her films at Cool Genie Pictures, as well as at her personal website.