Lynzie Hudson

Care, Health & Society with a minor in Family Studies and Human Development

Photo of Lynzie Hudson

Lynzie is in her third year here at the University of Arizona. She loves going to school here. She is from Northern California majoring in Care, Health and Society with a minor and Family Studies and Human Development. Outside of the classroom her favorite experiences are being a part of the LifeSTEP internship mentoring youth and volunteering with Elgie M. Batteau Honors Society. These experiences have helped her grow as a person and gain different perspectives of what life can be; and connect with fellow students who also are doing the same. In her spare time, Lynzie likes to go on hikes, hang out with friends while watching Netflix movies and goes to Disneyland on her longer weekends. As a first semester ambassador she is excited for everything that she will have the opportunity to be a part of and very optimistic of everything to come with this new journey.