Mika Galilee-Belfer

Assistant Dean, Faculty Affairs

Dr. Mika Galilee-Belfer oversees all faculty affairs policy and practice matters in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, including promotions, annual reviews, leaves and sabbaticals, and support for faculty with individual concerns.  Her professional interests sit at the nexus of policy, advocacy, and public good. In both non-profit and higher education work, her focus has been on streamlining processes, developing clear policies, and promoting effective practices. Here at the UA, her priority has been to make all policies and practices clear, accessible, and responsive. A self-described ‘policy wonk,’ she believes that hearing from all voices – especially those not always heard – is an essential and integral component of legitimate governance and administration.

Mika has a PhD in Educational Policy & Practice/Higher Education and J.D. in Law, both from the University of Arizona. Her joys include barefoot bike riding along the Rillito, hanging out with her family (kid, spouse, dog, a few too many cats), and volunteering at the Hermitage Cat Shelter (which explains all the cats).

Pronounciation: MEE-kah
Pronouns: she/her/hers