Communication Experts

Faculty experts in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences can provide insightful analysis, opinions and comment on a diverse array of topics. For information on Communication, contact the experts listed here. If you need more help, please email Lori Harwood, director of External Relations, or call (520) 626-3846.



 Jake Harwood, Communication

  • Expertise: Communication and Aging; intergroup relations; music and communication
  •, (520) 626-8681

 Kate Kenski, Communication

 Dale Kunkel, Communication

 Steve Rains, Communication

  • Expertise: e-health; computer-mediated communication and health; health on the Internet; persuasion and new technologies
  •, (520) 626-3065

 Chris Segrin, Communication

  • Expertise: depression; loneliness; social skills; marriage; divorce; interpersonal relation; nonverbal community; effects of cancer on close relationships; helicopter parenting
  •, (520) 621-1366