Gender & Sexuality Experts

Faculty experts in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences can provide insightful analysis, opinions and comment on a diverse array of topics. For information on Gender & Sexuality, contact the experts listed here. If you need more help, please email Lori Harwood, director of External Relations, or call (520) 626-3846.



 Anne Betteridge, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

    • Expertise: Iranian culture and society; women and ritual in the Middle East
    •, (520) 621-5456

     Susan C. Karant–Nunn, Division for Late Medieval and Reformation Studies

    • Expertise: late Medieval and early modern European history; the religious Reformation(s) of the 16th-17th centuries; women, gender, family in early modern Europe
    •, (520) 621-1284

     Anna O’Leary, Mexican American Studies

     Louise M. Roth, Sociology

    • Expertise: Women on Wall Street; gender; family issues; reproduction (especially pregnancy and childbirth)
    •, (520) 621-3525

     Sally Stevens, Southwest Institute for Research on Women

    • Expertise: substance abuse; HIV prevention; research and evaluation with women; women and children and adolescents; gender differences
    •; (520) 621-1284