Geography & Development Experts

Faculty experts in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences can provide insightful analysis, opinions and comment on a diverse array of topics. For information on Geography & Developement, contact the experts listed here. If you need more help, please email Lori Harwood, director of External Relations, or call (520) 626-3846.



 Keiron Bailey, School of Geography and Development

  • Expertise: Structured Public Involvement (SPI); public satisfaction with public design and management
  •, (520) 626-4096

 Vincent Del Casino, Geography and Development

  • Expertise: social and cultural geography; health geography; sexuality studies; HIV/AIDS; interconnections between transportation, mobility, and homelessness
  •, (520) 621-1112

 Diana Liverman, School of Geography and Development

  • Expertise: human dimensions of global environmental change; climate impacts; climate change
  •, (520) 626-2910

 Connie Woodhouse, Geography and Development

  • Expertise: climate and paleoclimate of western North America, particularly with regard to drought and water issues.
  •, (520) 626-0235