• Danille Blalock receives Fulbright to student activism in Chile during the Cold War

    Danielle Blalock Barefoot (History), recipient of a 2017-2018 Fulbright Research Grant, is developing a history of Chilean university student activism during the Cold War. She examines continuity and change in how universities served as political spaces under two democratically elected presidents and the Pinochet regime.
  • Sydney Pullen receives NSF GRFP

    Sydney Pullen (Anthropology), recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, studies alternative education models. She will be examining how Cuba has a strong education system despite limited financial resources and the ways that might change as relationship between the United States and Cuba shifts. (Image: Wikimedia)
  • Ruth Oropeza receives Fulbright to study disease in 19th century Spain

    Ruth Oropeza (History), a 2017-2018 Fulbright recipient, is writing her dissertation on the impact that disease and epidemics had on the Spanish state in the nineteenth century. Beginning with the devastating cholera pandemic of the 1830s, this project seeks to explore how the constant threat of disease allows the state to begin regulating all aspects of Spanish life. (Images: Madrid and Granada, Oropeza)
  • Brian Mayer receives Udall Fellowship for work on resilience

    Brian Mayer (Sociology) is a Udall Fellow for 2017-2018. Brian’s research focuses on community resilience in response to natural and manmade disasters to improve local and regional capacities for adaptation to and recovery from environmental changes. (Image courtesy of photovoice project members and Delene King)
  • Cory Davis receives Fulbright to study refugees in the 17th century

    Cory Davis (History), a 2017-18 Fulbright recipient, is writing his dissertation on Anabaptist refugees from Switzerland and how they adapted to the very different religious and political climate of southwestern Germany in the late seventeenth century. This project seeks to add to the discussion about the challenges of acculturation that displaced peoples continue to face. (Image: Heidelberg Castle from Philosophenweg, Philosopher's Way, Davis)

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We can help SBS faculty, graduate students, and staff ...

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