• Christina Greene (Geography) awarded USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant

    Christina Greene (Geography) was awarded a $95,000 U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture Grant to fund two years of research and travel to study how California's drought has affected agricultural communities in the San Joaquin Valley (Image: Success Dam, near Porterville, CA, Army Corps of Engineers).
  • Rebecca Bedwell receives NSF GRFP

    Rebecca Bedwell (Anthropology) is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. A medical anthropologist, for her MA, she is studying experiences of the combined stress of diabetes and immigration among Mexican immigrants living in Tucson. For her PhD, she plans to research how international family networks cope with the stresses of migration and how it modifies care giving. (Image: Bedwell)
  • Katie Sayre receives NSF GRFP

    Katie Sayre (Anthropology), recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, will be looking at aging in the human evolutionary past, focusing on how the interaction between physical activity and kin-based care reduced frailty in small societies. (Photo courtesy of Emma Bunkley)
  • Ashleigh Thompson receives NSF GRFP

    Ashleigh Thompson's (Anthropology) research is in Indigenous and applied archaeology in which tribal interests, knowledge, and practices are at the forefront of the projects. Recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, for her MA, she is working with the Blackfeet tribe, and for her PhD, she plans to study traditional foods, specifically wild rice, in consultation with the Ojibwe. (Image: Thompson, National Archives).
  • Leland Sutter receives NSF GRFP

    Leland Sutter (Geography) is a recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Leland is working to combine new advances in technology, like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with traditional methods of monitoring the water, oxygen, and carbon, in dryland savannas (Image: Santa Ritas, Dr. Greg Barron-Gafford).

SBS's research support staff can help with all aspects of preparation and submission of grant proposals and fellowship applications (see below for specfics). We are already prepared to help with the external agencies that SBS faculty and students typically apply to (e.g., National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Institutes of Health, Fulbrights for faculty and students). If you're interested in a funder whose funding mechanisms are new to us, give us some lead time to study the options. We can meet with individuals or groups, depending on your needs.

We can help SBS faculty, graduate students, and staff ...

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