SBS Tech

SBSTech (SBS Technical Services) provides innovative, reliable and accessible technology support, and a wide variety of computing, multi-media and data management services and hardware resources to faculty, staff and students in the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences to effectively meet individual, departmental, school and college goals as a learning and research community. Our mission is to help the College achieve its mission of academic innovation in teaching, learning, and research by providing reliable, timely and strategic IT solutions for all faculty and staff.

Office Management & Purchasing 
  Edward Xia Director, Information Technologies
  Jessica Bertschy Administrative Associate (Management Assistance & Purchasing)
  Nividita Chatani Graphic Designer
Application Development Services
  Ashwini Rajashekar Research Scientist, Computer Information
  Shawn Tan Analyst, Operations Research
Computer Services
  Young-Gie Min Assistant Director, Information Technologies
  Jacob Athey  IT Support Analyst (Douglass Center)
  Deborah Petrich IT Support Analyst, Principal (Douglass Center)
  David Rodriguez IT Support Analyst (Douglass Center)
  Gerald Skelton IT Support Analyst (USB Center)
  David Thompsen IT Support Analyst, Senior (USB Center)
Research & Infrastructure Services
  Vanessa Garrison Manager, Research and Infrastructure
  David Fletcher IT Support Analyst, Senior (Windows Servers)
  Michael Geary IT Support Analyst (Special Projects)
  Tawny Lochner Geographic Information Systems Analyst (GIS and Online Teaching)
  Thomas Martin IT Support Analyst, Senior (Mac Computers/Servers)
  Drew Woodard Systems Administrator, Senior (Linux Servers)
Web & Media Services
  Lizeth Mora Manager, Web & Multimedia Services
  Kirk Notarianni IT Support Analyst (Audio/Video)
  Zaragoza Saenz Web Developer / Videographer (Web/Video)


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In order to deliver the quickest and most appropriate service to our clients, we use an on-line ticketing system we call TicketDog.  If you would like to report a problem, have a question, or would like to purchase software or equipment, please log into our ticket system to submit your service request: Our technicians check tickets frequently during the day.  Our TicketDog system has proven to be the best way for you to communicate with us and for us to triage and address issues in a college that is spread out across campus, such as ours.   
SBSTech has established a call center (621-1596) that caters to the needs of staff and faculty, who have an emergency and need support right away such as problem report in a classroom environment or when you lose access to your computer.  However our call center should NOT be used for regular job requests.
Office: 1077  N. Highland Ave.
Computer Center Building, Rm 236
Regular Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00AM - 4:30PM
Emergency Extended Hours: Monday thru Friday, 4:30PM - 6:00PM
Tel: (520) 621-1596
FAX: (520) 626-2959