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Are you fascinated
by the sociological aspects of online game-playing?  Are you interested in the effects of television violence? The ethics of medical research? Border issues between the U.S. and Mexico? How about how societal pressures affect the self-image of teenage girls? The hidden causes of World War II? The role of women in biblical times? Efforts to preserve Native American languages? These issues, and thousands of other relevant and important modern topics,  are explored within the 20 units of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

SBS is the one of UA's largest colleges, housing several of the University's most popular majors, including communication, government and public policy, and journalism. Many programs are interdisciplinary, examining contemporary issues with direct relevance to today's ever-changing society.

Special Programs

SBS Centers, Departments and Schools

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Arizona Center for Turkish Studies
Binational Migration Institute
Center for Border and Global Journalism
Center for Compassion Studies
Center for Digital Society and Data Studies
Center for Judaic Studies
Center for Latin American Studies
Center for Mediterranean Archaeology and the Environment
Center for Regional Food Studies
Department of American Indian Studies
Department of Economics
Department of English
Department of Gender and Women’s Studies
Department of History
Department of Linguistics
Late Medieval and Reformation Studies
National Institute for Civil Discourse
Rombach Institute on Crime, Delinquency, and Corrections
School of Geography and Development
School of Government and Public Policy
School of Information
School of Journalism
School of Middle Eastern & North African Studies
School of Sociology
Southwest Institute for Research on Women
The Center for Middle Eastern Studies (CMES)
The Center for the Philosophy of Freedom
The Department of Communication
The Department of Mexican American Studies
The Department of Philosophy
The School of Anthropology
The Southwest Center