Welcome, New Faculty!

Welcome to U of A!

We know that starting a new job is stressful and relocating is exhausting--so we've taken some of the guesswork out of 'what to do, and when to do it." Here's a link to your SBS & HR Checklist.  But, before you get going on that checklist, email November Prentiss at november.prentiss@arizona.edu for a copy of the New Hire Workbook. This tome has all the information you'll need in your first year on the job.  It's updated annually to keep your information fresh and accurate. 

Until the Faculty Affairs Team gets to meet you in August, we wish you a happy journey and remain at your service.  

Chris, Mika, and November

Quick Start Guide

What do I need right away?

First, communicate with your Unit, then check out the tech check list to get your NetID and email, and once you’re on campus, get your CatCard!

How can I find out what courses I'm scheduled to teach, when and where, and with what textbooks?

Start with your unit’s Administrative Assistant or Program Coordinator—they know and see all.  They are your first line of defense and your best resource for all things UA.    

When it’s time to order your textbooks, go to UA Bookstores.

Are there requirements about what to put on my syllabus? Is there a template?

There are two templates that can be found on the SBS Academic Affairs website for Teaching and Instruction: Policies: Syllabuses, Rubrics, and Grading, —the SBS Undergraduate Template and the SBS Graduate Template

What resources are there for struggling students?

The shortest answer is to talk with the Academic Advisor(s) in your unit. The College is invested in student success and Academic Advisors can triage and provide individual services and support. Academic Advisors also have their collective fingers on the pulse of other resources available on campus for students that need a bit of extra help.  THINK TANK is another resource for tutoring, skills coaching, grade recovery, workshops, study sessions, test prep, and online services.

How can I get a class list for them? Is there a list with photos?

Go to UAccess Instructor Center (check out the UAccess Instructor Center Guide) where you can find both your class roster & student photo roster.

How do I find out which students have disability accommodations? How do I meet those accommodations?

You can access the Disability Resource Center’s Instructor Login page for information on the accommodations that students in your classes have requested though it’s important to note that not all students who need accommodations sign up to receive accommodations through the DRC.  You may have a note-taker in class or you may be asked to provide a copy of your complete notes to the student—there are other possible accommodations and the DRC will work with you to navigate the best practices for building and sustaining higher learning in your classroom.

How do I set up a D2L site? Where can I learn to use D2L? Do I need to enroll my students in it?

D2L is UA’s learning management system.  If you’ve used Blackboard, Campus, Moodle, or Docebo, you’re familiar with the basics.  Start with visiting UA's D2L Home and logging in with your NetID.  At the opening page for the site there’s a link for requesting D2L course sites. 

Who do I contact if my computer doesn't connect to the printer/internet?

SBSTech is your resource for most of the tech that ails you—to submit a TicketDog request, go to TicketDog's homepage and, in the top right corner, sign-in with your NetID.  If you don’t have a NetID yet, talk to your Admin for assistance.

What is this about an annual peer evaluation system? What is UA Vitae? You mean working toward promotion isn't enough? How do I do this? What are the criteria?

Faculty are evaluated every year by their peers in the unit on their research, teaching, and service as part of an Annual Review. Each unit has their own bylaws for success and for promotion; the College’s guidelines/policies are available at the SBS Faculty Affairs University & SBS Policies Page.  Annual Review takes place within a CV database called UA Vitae. You’ll have an opportunity to work with UA Vitae over the next few months, but for now, just know that there are training modules online and you’ll have support figuring our the new system. In your 3rd year, you’ll likely undergo a 3rd Year Retention Review—unless you’ve made arrangements to go up for promotion early or discussed other alternative plans.

A Notation on Sources

The materials in this handbook are collected from hundreds of websites and resources found at University of Arizona. When possible, the wording is directly copied from the website of origin to maintain and preserve the unique voices of our units, programs, and benefits.

Headers with an asterisk at the end * include additional content not found in the original website.