SBS in the Community

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Sounds of Jazz

Come celebrate Black History Month at an event initiated and organized by the Department of History's Public History Collaborative.

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Agave Heritage Festival Partnership

Our Agave Heritage Festival Masterclass Series will delve into how we tap into our favorite food memories through writing, the cultural history of agave, and ongoing movements for food security.

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The Hirschman Fund

The Hirschman Fund supports practice-research projects focused on developing or enhancing community-based social justice programs in collaboration with organizations for sustainable community benefits. 

Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Attend courses, workshops, and cultural immersion experiences at the SBS Community Classroom with professors and local leaders.

SBS staff and community members conversing outside.

University Community Relations Report

Our Community Relations Report outlines the opportunities and challenges facing community engagement efforts.

Southwest Soul Circuit

Community Events

Visit our calendar and join us at signature events like Tucson Meet Yourself and the Tucson Festival of Books.

Our Community Engagement Department fosters mutual collaboration between the College and the Tucson community, strengthening the College’s civic commitments through change-oriented events and programs.


Connect with our community engagement team ( for more information about collaborating with SBS.