Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Advising

See our list of advisors by major to schedule an appointment or find contact information for your advisor. You can also check your advisor's schedule to see if they offer walk-in hours.

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Please bring a current AAR (Academic Advisement Report)/ADVIP every time you meet with your advisor.

Changing Your Course Schedule

After the second week of classes, you may still withdraw from the class on UAccess and you will receive a "W" on your transcript. After the tenth week of classes, you must file a Late Change Petition in order to withdraw from a class. You must be able to document why you did not meet earlier deadlines in order for your petition to be considered. You may pick up the Late Change Petition at the SBS Dean's Office in Douglass 200W.

You will need to file for a retroactive withdrawal from the course. In order to do this you must file a General Petition

Language Requirements

This varies by degree. All B.A. degrees require 4th semester proficiency in a second language. All B.S. degrees require 2nd semester proficiency.

If you place high enough on the placement test, you may not need to take any second language classes.  

Yes, you may take the CLEP test (College Level Examination Program) to earn credit. 

Contact the University Testing Office or (520) 621-7589 for more information.

Grade Replacement

When you file for a Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO), the previous grade that you had received in the identical course will be replaced with the most recent grade (even if the recent grade is lower).

You must register for the identical course a second time and complete the GRO process in UAccess before the GRO deadline. You have a limit of 3 GRO attempts for 3 courses, or no more than 10 units.

No, your grade in the transfer course(s) will not be calculated into your UA GPA. Also, when you take classes at another institution and transfer them to the UA, you will only receive course credit if you have earned a "C" or better in the course(s).

Planning Your Schedule

Full-time status is 12 units or more. Some students may need to be full time because of insurance purposes, financial aid, or scholarship requirements.

During your designated priority registration period. Please view the University Dates and Deadlines to find out when priority registration begins.

You should meet with your advisor at least three weeks before your priority registration date to go over your course schedule. Also, you may use your AAR/ADVIP to help you go over what classes you still need to take.

Majors & Minors

You can declare a change of major or minor online for many programs. Some programs will require you to meet with an advisor. Visit the declaration pages below to see program requirements.


Yes. All degrees in SBS (with the exception of PPEL) require completion of a minor (or second major).

Transfer Credits

AP credits can fulfill many University requirements including general education, major, or minor requirements. To find out what requirement your AP credit fulfills see the Advanced Placement Program.

Contact your advisor to ensure the courses are correctly substituted for UA courses.

AGEC stands for Arizona General Education Curriculum. It is a common structure of general education classes that can be taken at an Arizona Community College and used to fulfill University General Education requirements.

Yes. You must complete the Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form to verify that the institution is an accredited university or college.

You should also meet with your advisor to find out how the transfer course(s) will apply to your degree program. You must receive a grade of "C" or better in order to have the credit transferred to the University of Arizona.

How to View Your Transfer Credit Report Instructions (for current UArizona students)

Explore how/if your transfer courses may apply to UArizona

See all Transfer Student Resources and Information

University Policies and Procedures

While the college and some advisors do occasionally send reminders about important deadlines to your official UA email address, it is always your responsibility to know University dates and deadlines.

Check the UA Academic Calendar for official dates and deadlines each semester.

You could have withdrawn from your classes due to medical reasons or you could have requested from your instructors that you receive an incomplete.

At this point, you could file a General Petition to retroactively withdraw from your classes.

The first step is to speak with your instructor and explain your concerns about the grade that you received and why you believe it was given incorrectly.

If the instructor does not agree to change the grade and you still feel that the grade was awarded incorrectly, you may file a Grade Appeal. Contact your advisor to review Grade Appeal steps and requirements.


Every student planning to graduate within a semester or earlier must file a degree check with Graduation Services. To begin the degree check process, you must apply for graduation online through UAccess.

Congratulations on finishing your degree!

Go to our convocation site to find out more details and to RSVP for the college's convocation ceremony.


Students receiving Academic Honors and Awards are recognized at Honors Convocation each fall semester. Contact the SBS Dean's Office for more information.

You can view awards received by signing into your UAccess Student and selecting "Honors and Awards" under "Personal Information."  If you have received an award for that semester it will be posted there.

Finding Help

Campus Health is available to assist students by promoting good health and offering counseling services to students who are struggling.

Contact the department offering the course you need help with in to see what if they provide any tutoring. You can also try: