SBS Online Advisors

Arizona Online students can contact an SBS Online Advisor for academic needs while moving through their online programs. Main Campus students can connect with SBS Online Advisor if they are interested in moving from the Main Campus to Arizona Online.

Main Campus students taking iCourses are not students at the Online Campus. Main Campus students can contact their SBS Advisor while moving through their programs in Tucson.

Arizona Online

Photo of Emily Burruel Bonney

Emily Burruel Bonney

Online Programs: Communication, Political Science, Public Management and Policy

Senior Academic Advisor I

Photo of Shery Crater

Shery Crater

Online Programs: Care, Health & Society; Geographic Information Systems Technology; Studies of Global Media

Senior Academic Advisor II

Meredith Parker

Meredith Parker

Online Programs: History; Human Rights Practice; Information Science and eSociety; Philosophy

Senior Academic Advisor I

Photo of Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams

Online Programs: Law

Academic Advisor