Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' (SBS) Strategic Plan consists of five pillars that support the University of Arizona’s strategic plan and reflect our commitment to the university’s values

Our goals focus on transformation and impact. We will provide our students with the skills necessary to thrive in fulfilling careers. Produce research that advances solutions to entrenched social problems. Work with the community to build bridges between theory and practice. Invest in our staff and faculty, and support diversity and belonging. And we will be responsible stewards of our resources.

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Our Mission

We work to investigate ideas, transform social conditions, and tell unheard stories. We prepare students, engage in research, and collaborate with community partners to address everyday challenges, be thoughtful problem-solvers, and build solidarity with others across the world. We are rooted in the unique sense of place in our Borderlands region.

Our Vision

A just world, together.

Strategic Plan Pillars 

Our primary responsibility is to provide students with a high-quality, experiential, and transformational education.

From increasing student participation in co-curricular experiences to improving retention rates, the Strategic Plan's first pillar, Promote Student Engagement and Success, is focused on improving student experiences and outcomes.

Student Success

SBS is committed to producing research that leads to positive change in the world. The second pillar, Support Impactful Research, aims to support a healthy research ecosystem within SBS.

This includes increasing research funding, encouraging community-engaged research, and facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations. We will also support researchers in telling the stories of their discoveries. 

Impactful Research

As a land-grant university, we have a responsibility to serve and collaborate with the community, including Tribal Nations and Latine communities. 

The third pillar, Connect With Our Community, aims to increase engagement with local and global communities through community-based programming, experiential learning, and research related to our Borderlands region. 

Community engagement

We are committed to supporting our faculty and staff as they build impactful careers with opportunities for advancement and collaboration.

The fourth pillar, Invest in Our People, seeks to match hiring to SBS strategic priorities and prioritize diverse backgrounds and experiences in faculty and staff recruitment, supporting staff satisfaction and belonging. 

Faculty & Staff Success

The fifth pillar, Promote Sustainable Operations, seeks to improve the responsible use of fiscal resources and data-driven decisions.

The goals of this section include aligning fundraising to the strategic plan, investing in infrastructure, lowering the college's environmental impact, supporting flexible workplaces, and implementing campus safety recommendations.

Sustainable Operations


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