Sustainable Operations Pillar

Promote Sustainable Operations

Strategic Plan: Pillar 5

The fifth pillar, Promote Sustainable Operations, seeks to improve the responsible use of fiscal resources and using data to make decisions.

The goals of this section include aligning fundraising to the strategic plan, investing in infrastructure, lowering the college's environmental impact, supporting flexible workplaces, and implementing campus safety recommendations.

Pillar Goals

  • Implement a culture and practice of data-informed decision-making.
    • Create publicly viewable dashboards to monitor progress on strategic plan goals.
    • Enhance capacity to collect, analyze, and disseminate institutional data tailored to pursuit of SBS strategic goals.
    • Expand access and training for faculty and staff to collaboratively analyze institutional data to inform program evaluation and improvement.
  • Ensure responsible use of fiscal resources.
    • Align staffing, facilities, and other investments to activity-informed metrics and strategic priorities.
    • Incentivize and facilitate cooperation (cross-listing of courses, sharing of faculty and staff resources, sharing of space) across departmental boundaries.
    • Analyze and optimize college organizational structures to support collaboration, effectiveness, and efficiency.
    • Embed practice of consultation and transparency in fiscal decision-making.
  • Maintain minimum course caps of 18:1 (undergraduate), 14:1 (co-convened) and 5:1 (graduate).
  • Examine and inventory degree programs, considering programs to be created and sunsetted based on student demand, strategic priorities, and available resources.
  • Advocate for institutional and external investment in SBS personnel, programs, and facilities, through strategic marketing and communications, development, and grant seeking.
  • Align development goals in the Fuel Wonder Campaign to goals in SBS strategic plan, in consultation with unit leadership, shared governance bodies, and external advisory bodies.
  • Discuss college branding, ensuring brand reflects our values.
  • Commit to lowering college environmental impact, for example, through reduced paper consumption, air travel, and green building practices.
  • Support flexible workplaces and data-driven space allocation, aligning space allocation and refurbishment resources to program size, activities, and potential for efficient and collaborative use.
  • Develop sustainable plan for deferred maintenance in consultation with central administration.
  • Create and sustain inclusive infrastructure.
    • Continue to support all-gender restrooms, lactation rooms, and accessible and ergonomic work spaces.
    • Complete ADA inventory of buildings and plan and implement solutions.
    • Plan meetings and events with design thinking and access as a priority.
  • Ensure implementation of campus safety recommendations.

Aligning With The University's Strategic Plan

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' fifth pillar, Promote Sustainable Operations, aligns with the University of Arizona’s pillar for Institutional Excellence.