Student Success Pillar

Promote Student Engagement and Success

Strategic Plan: Pillar 1

Our primary responsibility is to provide students with a high-quality, experiential, and transformational education.

From increasing student participation in co-curricular experiences to improving retention rates, the Strategic Plan's first pillar, Promote Student Engagement and Success, is focused on improving student experiences and outcomes.

Pillar Goals

  • Ensure positive undergraduate impact, engagement, and sense of belonging through increased opportunities for and reduced barriers to student participation in high-impact, co-curricular experiences (i.e., internships, undergraduate research, field work, lab work, service learning, study abroad, career preparation).
    • Increase retention rates across all undergraduate degree programs and enhance equity in retention across all demographic groups.
    • Increase 4- and 6-year graduation rates across all undergraduate degree programs and across all demographic groups.
    • Provide world-class advising to all SBS majors by maintaining SBS advisor to undergraduate student average ratios in alignment with best practices and innovations in advising.
  • Ensure undergraduate students graduate being career-, community-, or graduate school- ready.
    • Embed post-graduation planning into undergraduate curriculum and increase career services opportunities for all majors in the college.
    • Make sure our Wildcats for Life are connected to SBS and that we engage SBS alumni in mentoring and stewardship.
  • Increase the number of and support for transfer students from Arizona community colleges, by strengthening academic and recruitment relationships within the state.
  • Increase the number of international students served in our undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Ensure SBS maintains strong and sustainable doctoral programs.
    • Stabilize and improve doctoral program funding through assistantship, fellowship, and sponsored research opportunities.
    • Provide professional development opportunities to support career pathways into multiple employment sectors.
    • Improve doctoral student completion rates and expedite time to degree.
  • Grow and sustain SBS master’s programs.
    • Offer innovative programs that support student career goals and workforce development needs.
    • Diversify access to professional master’s programs by growing need-based scholarship opportunities.
  • Prepare students to be competitive for national-level awards and promote their application to such honors.
  • Advance opportunities for interdisciplinary education across all SBS degree programs, grounded in ideals of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Aligning With The University's Strategic Plan

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' first pillar, Promote Student Engagement and Succes, aligns with the University of Arizona’s pillars for Wildcat Journey, Arizona Advantage, and Arizona Global.