Community Engagement Pillar

Connect With Our Community

Strategic Plan: Pillar 3

As a land-grant university, we have a responsibility to serve and collaborate with the community, including Tribal Nations and Latine communities.  

The third pillar, Connect With Our Community, aims to increase engagement with local and global communities through community-based programming, experiential learning, and research related to our Borderlands region. 

Pillar Goals

  • Seek opportunities to increase our community impact as a diverse college in an Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) in the Borderlands region, particularly around issues associated with arid lands; environmental resilience; migration; and inequity, representation, and justice.
    • Provide opportunities for students to engage as meaningful partners in community engagement activities and micro grants for faculty to facilitate this engagement.
  • Increase engagement with tribal nations through community-based programming, micro campuses, and collaboration that respects sovereignty of each Nation and Native knowledge.
  • Support the continuation of SBS Community Classroom and integration into our broader educational mission on all campuses.
  • Support opportunities for service and experiential learning and for multi-lingual exchanges (virtual and physical) with local and global communities.
  • Establish SBS’s centrality to university efforts to achieve the Carnegie Community Engagement designation.

Aligning With The University's Strategic Plan

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' third pillar, Connect With Our Community, aligns with the University of Arizona’s pillar for Arizona Advantage.