Invest in Our People Pillar

Invest in Our People

Strategic Plan: Pillar 4

We are committed to supporting our faculty and staff as they build impactful careers with opportunities for advancement and collaboration.

The fourth pillar, Invest in Our People, seeks to match hiring to SBS strategic priorities and prioritize diverse backgrounds and experiences in faculty and staff recruitment. We will support staff satisfaction and belonging.

Pillar Goals

  • Match hiring and human resource allocation to SBS strategic priorities.
  • Make hiring faculty with diverse backgrounds and experiences a priority across SBS.
    • Prioritize retention, inclusion, and sense of belonging for faculty through mentoring, workshops, and other support activities that promote a culture of inclusion.
    • Create pathways for faculty in all career stages to continue to thrive and receive recognition for innovative and sustained outreach/leadership/service, research and/or pedagogy.
    • Support faculty in leadership development and progression.
  • Recruit staff who demographically reflect the larger Tucson community.
  • Embrace and encourage principles of shared governance and academic freedom through support of SBS shared governance bodies (such as FAC, SAC, grad council, undergraduate council, DEI council).
  • Prioritize staff retention, satisfaction, sense of belonging, compensation, professional development, and continual training.
  • Engage in and act upon annual salary equity studies for faculty and staff.
  • Prioritize mentoring, professional development, and continuous dialogue and celebrate and reward accomplishments across all employment groups.
  • Create and sustain student worker and graduate assistantship opportunities that are synergistic with both student training and college human resource needs.

Aligning With The University's Strategic Plan

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' fourth pillar, Invest in Our People, aligns with the University of Arizona’s pillars for Arizona Advantage and Institutional Excellence.