POWER CONTESTED: Rape and Skepticism

POWER CONTESTED: Rape and Skepticism 
October 8, 2020| 5:30 p.m.
Elise Lopez

The public discourse about campus rape is heated. Arguments range from how to solve the problem to who counts as a survivor to how to adjudicate “word-against-word” cases. Further, many people wonder whether campus rape is actually as prevalent as media reports suggest. In this talk, Elise Lopez, the director of the Consortium on Gender-Based Violence, will explore two foundational issues that underpin skeptical public attitudes about rape – mistrust of prevalence rates and other statistics, and the passionate debate on the definition of consent. 

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About the Speaker

Elise Lopez is the director of the Consortium on Gender-Based Violence. She has worked in public health research and practice since 2004, specializing in restorative justice, adolescent health, substance abuse, trauma, and prevention of and response to sexual violence. Her recent work has included overseeing a national initiative to train liquor servers to recognize and safely respond to sexual aggression. She is also studying the effectiveness of a unique campus sexual assault prevention program for female first-year students.


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