COMPASSION IS NOT A LUXURY: Practices of Care in Community

COMPASSION IS NOT A LUXURY: Practices of Care in Community
October 6, 2021| 6 PM
Leslie Langbert

As we grapple with the struggles of this time, a growing interest in compassion as a path for healing personal and collective trauma has emerged. When we expand our circle of compassion, we can change social policies that cause inequality, oppression, and environmental harm.

In this talk, Leslie Langbert, executive director of the Center for Compassion Studies, explores the power of compassion done in community, drawing on current theory and research as well as the roots of compassion practices from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. She will argue that compassion – used for self-care and reciprocal-care – is essential for our survival.

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About the Speaker

Leslie Langbert is the executive director of the Center for Compassion Studies. A licensed clinical social worker, Leslie has a background as a psychotherapist working with children, youth and adults. Langbert has been teaching CBCT® (Cognitively Based Compassion Training) since 2014 and is also a mindfulness meditation facilitator. Langbert teaches courses for students and community members that explore the research behind the benets of mindfulness and compassion and teaches various tools to cultivate the practice of mindfulness.


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