Grade Appeal Process

The most recent guidelines for grade appeals are explained in the University of Arizona General Catalog (  In the Catalog, select the year in which the course was taken; click on “Academic Policies” and then find “Grade Appeal” under “Grade Policies.”  The SBS policy closely follows the general policies and procedures specified in the Catalog with the process managed as listed in the table below.

Written appeals must be received by the SBS Dean’s Office no later than the 5th week of the following semester (e.g., an appeal for a course taken in Fall 2018) must be received by Friday, February 14, 2019  by 5:00 p.m.

In all grade appeal cases, the SBS Associate Dean’s decision is final.  The department head, the instructor, and the student shall be notified in writing of the dean's decision, and if appropriate, the registrar is notified to make the change of grade.

IMPORTANT: Grade Appeals are not completed during the Summer, and thus, any Spring appeal will be reviewed in the Fall.


What Happens

Prior To:


Student discusses his/her concerns with the course instructor.

Week 5


Grade appeal:

Student statment form (attachement at bottom of  the page).

A written statement, indicating the grade which was received in the course, the grade the student believes should have been assigned, and an explantion of why the grade should be changed.


The course syllabus,

Other supporting materials (e.g., copies of exams, assignments, written correspondence).

Week 5


Submit your grade appeal to Isabel Contreras in the SBS Dean's Office Douglass Building, Room 200W.

Dean's office will verify the date of delivery.

No additional documents will be permitted after delivery date.

Week 5


The Instructor responds in writing to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Student Success, explaining the grading procedures and how the grade in question was determined.

Week 7


If the issue is not resolved, the student has one week to notify the Dean’s Office if they want to continue with the Grade appeal.  If so, the Dean’s Office forwards the student’s written appeal and the instructor’s recommendation to the Department Head.

Week 8


The Department Head considers the student’s and instructor’s written statements and makes a recommendation. The department head cannot change the grade and the instructor does not need to follow the recommendation. 

Week 10


If the issue is not resolved, the Dean’s Office forwards the written appeal to the SBS Associate Dean. 

Week 11


The Associate Dean reviews the student’s appeal and takes appropriate action.

Week 15


If appropriate, the Associate Dean convenes a committee to review the case. 

Week 15


The Associate Dean makes the final decision. 

Week 15

*If you have any questions, please contact Isabel Contreras in Douglass 200W at or 520-621-8402.