Life Skills Training and Enhancement Program Internship


Sponsor Organization

Psychology Department


The psychology clinic has established a community service agency that provides undergraduate life skills trainers (and mentors) to school-aged youth with emotional and/or behavioral problems.  The vast majority of these children are from a minority group living in poverty in Tucson and are struggling with a variety of emotional and behavior problems.

We are currently accepting applications for Fall semester. As a LifeSTEP (Life Skills Training and Enhancement Program) intern, you would be meeting with your assigned youth about once a week for about 4 hours each time. Activities might include going to the movies, getting an ice cream, going bowling or spending time at a park, etc (you would be reimbursed for your expenses including gas). 

You would receive 3 units of internship credit (393 or 493 depending on your UA status), and you would have the opportunity to receive training in this area. We are especially in need of male interns (due to the high number of older boys in need of a positive male role model), and we are also in need of female interns. 

How to Apply

If you are interested (and are at least 18 years old), please complete the internship application & email it back to  I will be holding an informational meeting about the program for all applicants on Thursday, May 2 (reading day - no classes or finals scheduled) in the afternoon. I am looking forward to hearing from you - Julie

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