This experiential internship program is designed to provide University of Arizona students with real world opportunities to develop workforce-relevant skills by engaging with the community on water-related issues in partnership with the Watershed Management Group (WMG). Contact an Internship Program Coordinator at the School of Natural Resources and the Environment:

Katie Hughes
Academic Advisor

Commit to a Year of Academic Credit:

  • Register for 3 Fall units of 393/493/593
  • Register for 3 Spring units of 393/493/593

Choose an Internship Track (examples include):

  • Geospatial Technologies
  • Media and Communications'
  • Environmental Education
  • River Restoration Planning

In addition to the internships, students will participate in skills-development workshops, maintain a journal or blog, and develop a professional portfolio as they become part a strong cohort prepared to be leaders in the workforce and ambassadors for environmental stewardship and community responsibility.

Sponsor Organization
University of Arizona/Watershed Management Group