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“Learn enough to play for a lifetime” is Kath Macaulay’s motto and motivation for her art technique, Pocket Sketching. Her business, Pocket Sketching, offers workshops and tutorials to anyone interested in learning more about this meditative, portable, watercolor technique. She will also soon begin filming a year’s worth of tutorial videos in the “Bob Ross style,” that will air on PBS.

Kath is looking to expand her SEO and existing market to build attendance at her Pocket Sketching teachers’ workshops, which will be held in Tucson initially. Pocket Sketching is offering two internship positions to interested College of Social & Behavioral Sciences students who are eager to gain hands on marketing skills.

Positions Available

Strategic Writer: This individual will write feature pieces to submit to travel and art magazines and blogs. This is a great opportunity for students to get published and see their work in print or online. The Strategic Writer will work about 10 hours a week and will be required to meet on site to get a feel for the business initially, and will have the opportunity to work remotely as well.

Marketing Analyst: This individual will work in collaboration with Kath to increase the business’ SEO and existing market.  Tasks will include research to identify and contact (efficiently), existing art class teachers nationally, research competition to identify niche market, especially in the crossover of art and travel, mindfulness and meditation.   Our marketing model has been traditional:  workshops taught at distance.   The next market is teaching teachers who come to Tucson to be licensed to teach in their markets, whether art, travel or mindfulness.  We will prize new ways of marketing, new techniques of meeting the market, innovation.     The Marketing Analyst will work about 10 hours a week, initially on site, then remotely. 

How to Apply

To apply for either of these positions, email your resume and cover letter to Kath Macaulay at