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Frequently Asked Question​s (FAQ)

Academic Advising

Who is my academic adviser and how can I contact him/her?
For a list of  advisers and their contact information, head over to our Academic Adviser page.

When can I see my academic adviser?
You can see your adviser by making an appointment or by coming to their walk-in hours (if available). Please note that some matters require an appointment and cannot be dealt with during walk-in hours. Contact your adviser via our Academic Adviser page to make an appointment or to find out if they have walk-in hours.

NOTE: No appointment is required to see an adviser during walk-in hours, and students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. During busy times such as the first few weeks of the semester and priority registration period, expect to wait an hour or more to get in to see the adviser.

What should I bring with me to an appointment or walk-in?
Please bring a current AAR (Academic Advisement Report)/ADVIP every time you meet with your adviser !

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Changing Your Course Schedule

If I don't like one of my classes, is it OK to just stop going to class?
No! If you stop going to class without dropping the class, you will receive an "E" grade. To change your schedule, check the Change of Schedule (Drop/Add) page

How can I find out the important dates & deadlines for dropping and adding classes?
Deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar. It is your responsibility to know what the University deadlines are.

What happens if I don't meet the deadline to drop a class?
After the second week of classes, you may still withdraw from the class on UAccess and you will receive a "W" on your transcript. After the tenth week of classes, you must file a Late Change Petition in order to withdraw from a class. You must be able to document reasons why you did not meet earlier deadlines to drop or withdraw in order for your petition to be considered. You may pick up the Late Change Petition at the SBS Dean's Office in Douglass 200W.

I was registered for a class that I never attended and now I have received an "E" grade, what can I do?

You will need to file for a retroactive withdrawal from the course. In order to do this you must file a General Petition

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Language Requirements

How many second language classes do I need to take to fulfill the requirement?
The number of second language classes that you need to fulfill the requirement varies by degree. All BA degrees require 4th semester proficiency in a second language. All BS degrees require 2nd semester proficiency. This is the only requirement that is based upon proficiency. If you place high enough on the placement test you may not need to take any second language classes (for example, if you place into SPAN 253 you will not need to take any Spanish classes because you have met the proficiency requirement.)

I am proficient in a second language: can I take a test to earn language credit?
Yes, you may take the CLEP test (College Level Examination Program) to earn credit.  Contact the University Testing Office or (520) 621-7589 for more information.

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Grade Point Average (GPA), Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO)

How is my grade point average (GPA) calculated? How can I figure out what grades I need to get to bring up my GPA?
To view complete instructions on how to calculate your GPA please review the Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation Policy.

What happens when you GRO a course?
When you file for a Grade Replacement Opportunity (GRO), the previous grade that you had received in the identical course will be replaced with the most recent and the first grade is taken out of your grade point average. The grade you earn in the class the second time will be the grade calculated into your GPA, even if the grade is lower than the first.

You must register for the identical course a second time and complete the GRO process in your UAccess before the GRO deadline. You are not required to GRO a course immediately, but undergraduates must GRO the course before they attempt 60 units at the U of A. You have a limit of 3 GRO attempts for 3 courses, or no more than 10 units, during your academic career.

You cannot GRO a course at another institution or through correspondence; you may only use the GRO option with UA courses.

I didn't do very well my first semester. Can I take classes at Pima Community College or another community college to raise my GPA?
No, your grade in the transfer course(s) will not be calculated into your UA GPA. Also, when you take classes at another institution and transfer them to the UA, you will only receive course credit if you have earned a "C" or better in the course(s).

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Planning Your Schedule

Am I required to be a full time student? How many units do I need for full time status?
Full time status is 12 units or more. Some students may need to be full time because of insurance purposes, financial aid or scholarship requirements. Please check with those departments/companies to see what your specific requirements are.

When can I enroll for my next semester courses?
You can enroll for next semester courses during your designated Priority Registration period. Priority Registration is a special block of time when continuing students may register for classes depending on their class standing (please see below). Priority registration is the first time you can register for classes so it is very important that you are aware of your Priority Registration date.  Please view the University Dates and Deadlines to find out when priority registration begins.

Dates and Deadlines

  • Freshman 0-29 units completed
  • Sophomore 30-59 units completed
  • Junior 60-89 units completed
  • Senior 90+ units completed

What classes should I register for next semester?
It is recommended that you meet with your adviser at least three weeks before your priority registration date to go over your course schedule for the upcoming semester. Also, you may use your AAR/ADVIP to help you go over what classes you still need to take.

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Majors & Minors

I want to change my major, where do I begin?
You will need to meet with an adviser of the major that you wish to change to so they can go over requirements for the new major with you. 

I want to change/add my minor, where do I begin?
You may need to speak with an adviser in your minor in order to declare the new minor. Some minors do not require the student to meet with an adviser. Contact your minor adviser to see if you need to meet with them.

Where do I find out about my major requirements?
Your AAR (Academic Advisement Report)/ADVIP will show you all the requirements for your major. It will also show all the classes you have completed thus far. Also, to look into general requirements of your major, you can see the requirements in the Major Academic Catalog.

Do I have to have a minor?
Yes. All degrees in SBS (with the exception of PPEL) require completion of a minor. For a complete list of minors that are available please see the Minor Academic Catalog.

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Transferring Credits from Colleges and Exams (AP, IB, CLEP), Class Standing

Students often transfer in credit from institutions outside of the University of Arizona. There are two basic options that students will have options to utilize.

  1. Transfer credit from an institution here in Arizona. Many courses have direct equivalents that can be used to satisfy General Education, Major and Minor course requirements. To see how transfer courses from an Arizona Institution will be articulated please visit AZTransfer and contact your adviser with any questions.
  1. Transfer credit from an international institution or an institution outside Arizona. Many transfer courses can be used to satisfy General Education, Major and Minor course requirements. You can also get your transfer courses pre-approved, or contact your adviser with any questions.

I have AP credits, CLEP credits, and also some community college credits I earned while I was in high school. Will all of these be elective credits, or can they be used to fulfill general education requirements, and/or major and minor requirements?
It is possible that some credits may fulfill general education requirements, major requirements or minor requirements. You need to meet with your adviser to determine which requirements are satisfied by your transferred credits.

This is my first year at the University of Arizona, but I am considered a sophomore. How is class standing determined?
Class Standing is determined by the number of overall credits you have completed. If you are unsure about the number of units you have completed, sign into your UAccess Student Service Center to find the number of completed units.

  • Freshman 0-29 units completed
  • Sophomore 30-59 units completed
  • Junior 60-89 units completed
  • Senior 90+ units completed

Can I take summer classes at another college or university that will count toward my degree at UA?
Yes, you may take classes at another college or university to fulfill certain University of Arizona requirements. You must complete the Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form to verify that the institution is an accredited University or College, and you need to meet with your adviser to find out how the transfer course(s) will apply to your degree program. You must receive a grade of "C" or better in order to have the credit transferred to the University of Arizona.

What is an AGEC?
AGEC stands for Arizona General Education Curriculum. It is a common structure of general education classes that can be taken at an Arizona Community College and used to fulfill University General Education requirements. The AGEC is a minimum of 35 semester units of lower division general education courses. AGEC completion fulfills all lower-division general education requirements such as Composition, Mathematics, Tier 1 and Tier 2. AGEC does not cover Second Language requirements or prerequisites for specific majors or minors even though these classes may be available at a community college and may be transferable. To be sure a course you have taken at a community college will transfer to the U of A, please refer to the Course Equivalency Guide or speak with an adviser.

How do I know if a class I have taken at an Arizona community college will transfer to the UA?
You can use the Course Equivalency Guide to determine course transferability. Contact your adviser before registering to ensure it is the correct course.

I have AP credits, how do they transfer?
AP credits can fulfill many University requirements including general education, major, or minor requirements. To find out what requirement your AP credit fulfills see the Advanced Placement Program. Please contact your adviser to ensure the courses are correctly substituted for UA courses.

Where do I send my transcript from other colleges or universities?

  • Continuing Students
    • Transfer Evaluation
    • Office of Curriculum & Registration
    • The University of Arizona
    • P.O. Box 210066
    • Tucson, AZ 85721-0066
  • Graduating Seniors

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University Policies, Procedures and Deadlines

Will someone contact me and tell me when I have to register and when deadlines are for things like GRO, paying fees, etc.?
No, it is your responsibility to know University dates and deadlines by checking the Academic Calendar.

I was very ill last semester and missed a lot of classes, I notified my instructors that I would have to miss classes, but some of them didn't allow me to make up the work so I failed some classes. Is there anything else I should have done? Anything I can do now?
You could have withdrawn from your classes due to medical reasons or you could have requested from your instructors that you receive an incomplete. At this point, you could file a General Petition to retroactively withdraw from your classes.

Where can I look up academic policies at the University of Arizona for my catalog year?
Here's a link to more information about university policies.

I have received a grade that I feel should have been higher, what procedure should I follow?
The first step is to speak with your instructor and explain your concerns about the grade that you received and why you believe it was given incorrectly. If the instructor does not agree to change the grade and you still feel that the grade was awarded incorrectly, you may file a Grade Appeal.  Please meet with your academic adviser to review Grade Appeal steps and requirements.

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What is a degree check and how do I start the process?
Every student planning to graduate within a semester or earlier must file a degree check with Graduation Services. To begin the degree check process, you must apply for graduation online through UAccess.

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What are the requirements for the Dean's List, List with Distinction, and Honorable Mention awards?
Students receiving Academic Honors and Awards are recognized at Honors Convocation each fall semester. Contact the Social and Behavioral Sciences Dean's Office for more information.

How do I know if I have received an award?
You can view awards received by signing into your UAccess Student and selecting "Honors and Awards" under "Personal Information."  If you have received an award for that semester it will be posted there.

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Finding Help When You Need It

I feel overwhelmed! I'm having a hard time coping! Where can I find help?
Campus Health is available to assist students by promoting good health by offering everything from medical issues to counseling services to those students who are struggling.

Where can I find tutoring on campus?
Sometimes particular departments offer tutoring, contact the department you are interested in receiving tutoring in to see what is available. The UA Think Tank is a place students can go for Math and Science tutoring, the Writing Center, Weekly Course Reviews, Supplemental Instruction, Academic Skills tutoring and more. The THINK TANK provides both FREE and fee based services to meet the diverse needs of all UA students.

Students can also seek tutoring assistance at the Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques (SALT) Center.

Where can I find a listing of campus resources?
The Advising Resources Center lists a variety of resources available for UA students. You can also contact your adviser to find resources that will fit your needs.

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Late Change Petition Instructions

Students wishing to change their current course schedules after the deadline must file a Late Change Petition with the College.  Always begin with your academic adviser to discuss whether or not filing a Late Change Petition is a reasonable option. Late Change Petitions must be obtained from your academic adviser.

Only current students of record in SBS should file Late Change Petitions with the College regardless of the course(s) being petitioned.  Petition instructions must be followed exactly, and only requests based on documented extraordinary circumstances will be considered.  Concern about academic performance in a course is not grounds for a late withdrawal.

Students should file petitions as soon as possible. Please continue attending any courses you're hoping to withdraw from, as the petition maybe denied.

Students seeking a complete withdrawal (to zero units) in the current term should follow the online process through the Office of the Registrar.

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G​eneral Petitions

What is a General Petition?

Undergraduate students may petition the University General Petitions Committee for relief if they believe they deserve redress or exception to university rules, regulations, or policies regarding academic affairs.

There are three types of General Petitions:

  • Extenuating Circumstances (Medical Withdrawal),
  • Extenuating Circumstances (Discrimination or Harassment reason for Withdrawal)
  • General Petition (all other requests.)

When a general petition is filed, the Petition Committee's review is done by circulating the information supplied. The committee members’ support or denial is based on their review of submitted documents.

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Request for Excess Units

Undergraduate students who wish to exceed the maximum 19 units per semester can request to exceed this enrollment limit. To fill out this request, students must meet with their academic adviser to determine if this is possible. Please follow the link below and meet with your adviser.

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Incomplete Grade

The grade of "I" may be awarded only at the end of a term, when all but a minor portion of the course work has been satisfactorily completed. The grade of I is not to be awarded in place of a failing grade or when the student is expected to repeat the course; in such a case, a grade other than I must be assigned.  Students should make arrangements with the instructor to receive an incomplete grade before the end of the term.

Instructors are encouraged to use the Report of Incomplete Grade form as a contract with the student as to what course work must be completed by the student for the I grade to be removed and replaced with a grade. On the form, the instructor states: (1) which assignments or exams should be completed and when; (2) how this work will be graded; and (3) how the student's course grade will be calculated. Both the instructor and student sign this agreement and both should retain copies.

If the incomplete grade is not removed by the instructor within one year (the last day of finals one year later), the I grade will convert to a failing grade. For undergraduate courses, the one-year limit may be extended for one additional year if, prior to converting to an E, the extension is approved by the instructor and the dean of the college in which the student is registered. This extension requires the instructor and dean's signature on a Petition for Extension of Course Work.  Notification of the dean's approval or denial is to be provided to the student by the dean's office. 

Students that are seeking an Extension of Coursework alteration consult these needs with their academic adviser.

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General Education P​etitions

While not a normal event, there are times where the modification of a student’s General Education curriculum is needed. If for some reason a student is in need of an exception in their General Education requirements students can appeal through their college. The following guidelines can help a student determine whether a petition has a reasonable chance for approval:

  • Waivers: The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences does not, in any circumstances, waive General Education requirements.
  • Substitutions: The course identified to satisfy General Education requirements have been carefully reviewed by the General Education Committee for their compatibility with the criteria established by the Faculty of the University of Arizona. A course requested for substitution must satisfy the same criteria. Therefore:
    • Petitions seeking to replace an approved course with a course lacking a significant writing component will not be approved.
    • The course content of the petitioned course must be consistent with the approved description of the requirement to be met.
  • Majors/Minors: Petitions seeking to replace an approved General Education course with an unapproved course that also counts toward a major or minor will not be approved.
  • Pass/Fail: The University Catalog states that no required course may be taken for pass/fail. General Education courses are required and, therefore, are not taken for pass/fail.

Students that are seeking approval for a General Education alteration should consult these needs with their academic adviser.

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