Congratulations to our Graduating SBS Ambassadors

May 11, 2020
SBS Ambassador group photo at Old Main

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences student ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences represent the college at various student, donor, and community events. Eleven of these amazing students are graduating this spring!

“To my wonderful graduating SBS Ambassadors, I am so impressed with your leadership and willingness to connect with future Wildcats,” said Stephanie K. Meron, recruitment coordinator for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. “No one tells the story of our college quite like you – you are truly the heartbeat of SBS. We really couldn’t accomplish everything we have without you.” 

“Thank you for your energy, your amazing attitude, and all of your hard work,” Meron added. “I am beyond proud of how you’ve grown and all you have accomplished in your college careers. Congratulations, and best of luck in all that you choose to pursue in the future. Bear Down!”

Here is some fun facts and future plans for SBS Ambassadors, Class of ’20!

Lexy Burris


Major and minors: Care, Health, and Society; minors in Africana studies and Public Health

Why I love my major: It teaches me how to emotionally regulate, empathize, and view people and the world through a holistic lens

Extracurricular activities/clubs: TrIo ASEMS participant and student assistant

Favorite place on campus or in Tucson: I love being at the Trio lounges because I am able to be with all the people I have grown up with and study with like-minded people.

Favorite TV show/movie: Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite quote: "If you can’t accept me at my worst, you don’t deserve to see me at my best"

Next up: I have been accepted to Washington University in St Louis-Brown School in the Masters in Social Work program that is fully paid for!

Nitza Cabral


Major and minors: History; minor in Judaic Studies

Why I love my major: ​So many reasons! The faculty in the history department are incredible! They are all so very obviously passionate about what they study and are so eager to teach and work with students. The staff in the history department are also incredibly phenomenal. I have to shout out my advisor, Kathryn Gallien, who has been so helpful throughout my four years in reassuring me and always helping to guide my path.

Extracurricular activities/clubs: I am an intern at the Jewish History Museum and Holocaust History Center, which has been a beautiful learning experience that has truly contributed to my later goals. I am also a member of Camp Wildcat, an on-campus no n-profit that takes Tucson's underserved youth on camping trips to promote higher education!

Favorite place on campus or in Tucson: A favorite place on campus is definitely the mall, but also my department which is housed on the third and fourth floors of Chavez. I always feel right at home and I love hanging out on the comfy couches in the history lounge.

Favorite TV show/movie: My favorite movie is Dead Poets Society.

Favorite quote: ​"Well behaved women seldom make history," – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Next up: ​I will be moving to Indianapolis to serve as a corp member for Teach for America. I will be teaching middle school social studies! 

Mish DeCarlo


Major and minors: Broadcast Journalism major with a thematic minor in Entertainment Media

Why I love my major: I love my major because it has given me the resources and opportunities to hone in on my skills, practice what I'm passionate about all while surrounding me with faculty and professors who are supportive and engaging. The network of possibilities through the School of Journalism is truly endless and I love that I am constantly encouraged to remain curious and celebrate the pursuit of inspiration. I have also met two of my best friends through the major which is just a cherry on top!

Extracurricular activities/clubs: Alpha Phi, UATV 3 Sports Anchor and Reporter

Favorite place on campus or in Tucson: Illegal Pete's rooftop!

Favorite TV show/movieHow I Met Your Mother and any Star Wars movie

Favorite quote: "I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." – Albert  Einstein 

Next up: I will be traveling full-time throughout the United States and Canada to work as an Educational Leadership Consultant for Alpha Phi Fraternity focusing on membership and marketing!

Nataly Gruender


Major and minors: Double major in English and Creative Writing; minor in Classics

Why I love my majors: I got to study literature and topics that fascinated me, work on creative projects, and meet some really fantastic people who will be my friends for life. 

Extracurricular activities/clubs: Persona Undergraduate Literary Magazine, studied abroad in Orvieto, Italy and London, England

Favorite place on campus or in Tucson: Caffe Luce, the SBS Ambassadors e-board and I would always hang out there before the meetings.

Favorite TV show/movie: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Favorite quote: “I take it as a sign that it is all right to be alive as I am, just as I am, and to keep trying.” – Jenny Slate, Little Weird

Next up: The Columbia Publishing Course in New York, I was accepted into the summer program!

Meghan Kelly


Major and minors: Major: Political Science, Minor: Public Health

Why I love my major: I love my major because I was able to pursue my passion along with obtaining an education that would prepare me for my career. I was able to take classes that allowed me to develop critical thinking skills, advance my writing and communication skills, and develop a greater understanding of the world around me and appreciate different points of view.

Extracurricular activities/clubs: During my time at the U of A, I enjoyed volunteering at the Campus Pantry and the Southern Arizona VA Hospital!

Favorite place on campus or in Tucson: Mt. Lemmon

Favorite TV show/movie: Keeping up with the Kardashians

Next up: I plan on attending law school next fall!

Heather Newberry


Major and minors: Majors in Environmental Studies, Political Science, and Philosophy

Why I love my majors: The unique and surprising ways that all three of them interact and overlap with each other! Also, the amazing professors in each department!

Extracurricular activities/clubs: Member of the Arizona Mock Trial Team for three years; Intern for a year and a half at the Pima County Public Defender's Office; former Photography Desk Editor at the Arizona Daily Wildcat

Favorite place on campus or in Tucson: Cartel Coffee Lab in downtown Tucson and under the trees on the grassy area in front of the Arizona State Museum!

Favorite TV show/movie: The movies Back to the Future I, II, and III

Next up: After graduation, I will be starting my Masters of Science in Sustainability and the Environment at the University of Michigan.

Allie Niegocki


Major and minors: Linguistics; minors in French and Thematic

Why I love my major: I love linguistics because it pushes and challenges me to work hard, but it's absolutely incredible to learn about how we use language and how it works.

Extracurricular activities/clubs: SBS Ambassadors (have been in it for 3 years, recruitment intern for 1, and E-board for 1) has helped me love my college even more and built more interpersonal and presentation skills. Mortar Board National Senior Honor Society has given me amazing new friends.

Favorite place: Mt Lemmon or the frog pond by Architecture

Favorite TV show: New Girl

Favorite quote: "Not all those who wander are lost." – J.R.R. Tolkien

Next up: Gap year/applying for masters programs in Speech Language Pathology

Congrats to SBS Ambassadors Stephanie Clinch, Samantha (Sami) Grim, Annet Rich, and Xiaoyuz (Ryan) Zhao.