Congratulations to our Graduating SBS Ambassadors, Class of 2021!

May 6, 2021

The Student Ambassadors for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences represent the college at various student, donor, and community events. Ten of these amazing students are graduating this spring!

“To my wonderful graduating SBS Ambassadors, I am so impressed with your leadership and willingness to connect with future Wildcats,” said Stephanie K. Meron, recruitment coordinator for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. “No one tells the story of our college quite like you – you are truly the heartbeat of SBS. We really couldn’t accomplish everything we have without you.” 

“Thank you for your energy, your amazing attitude, and your dedication to promoting a diverse and inclusive campus,” Meron added. “I am beyond proud of how you’ve grown and all you have accomplished in your college careers. Congratulations, and best of luck in all that you choose to pursue in the future. Bear Down!”

Here are some fun facts and future plans for SBS Ambassadors, Class of ’21!

Jade Salmon (Co-President)

Majors: Communication and French; Minor in Psychology

Why I picked my majors: I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life for the longest time. All my friends had very tangible interests, while I just found joy in interacting with others and keeping tabs of how they spoke, responded, and behaved in general. It was just before the end of high school that I learned that the Communication major existed at UArizona. I entered as a Communication major and never looked back! As for French, I'd studied the language for all four years of high school, so I was planning to continue.

Campus involvement: Co-president of the College of SBS Ambassadors; Recruitment intern for the College of SBS; Secretary of Students on Stage theatre club; Undergraduate research assistant for two research teams in the Department of Communication; Honors College

Favorite spot on campus: I absolutely love the tree in front of the Arizona State Museum. I've always loved picnicking on the grass around it, or resting on the bench under it after a bike ride. It's one of those places where I forget I'm in the desert because all I can see and feel is how comfortable, beautiful, and unique our campus is.

Favorite restaurant in Tucson: I absolutely love Beyond Bread! I highly recommend Rex's Revenge, the tomato-basil soup in a bread bowl, and the Wednesday special, Pete's Pepperoni is my guilty pleasure.

Favorite Ambassadors memory: One of our Ambassadors meetings where we played Pictionary online! We all laughed and joked while struggling to draw on the computer. We still tease each other about our drawing skills sometimes. 

Plans after graduation: I'll be attending the University of California, Santa Barbara for their five-year MA/PhD program in Communication! I'm beyond excited to keep exploring my passion for interpersonal communication in close relationships. I wouldn't be where I am with my academic trajectory if not for my mentors and supporters in the Department of Communication!

Yolanda Terrazas-Franco (Vice President)

Majors: Information Science & Technology and Communication; minor in Spanish

Why did you pick your major(s): I wanted to continue to learn more about technology and working with data and found Information Science and Technology at a Meet Your Major fair. After talking to other students, I realized that it was exactly what I wanted to study and have learned how to code and manipulate data. I later added Communication as my second major because I wanted to learn more about social media and technology's effects on people!

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassador, IT Student Worker, and was also a part of Blue Chip and WICS (Women in Information and Computer Science)!

Favorite spot on campus: Definitely ENR2! I love how peaceful and calm it is, and I love working on homework assignments there! It's also such a beautiful building.

Favorite restaurant in Tucson: Time Market! They have such great sandwiches and pizza!

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Playing games with ambassadors after meetings! It was so fun getting to know each other better and taking some time to have fun (over Zoom) and de-stress.

Plans after graduation: I want to pursue my master's degree in International Security at the University of Arizona!

Wendy Waltrip (Social Media Chair)

Major: Creative Writing; minors in History and Theatre

Why did you pick your major: I've been writing novels since I was 12 years old. Even in middle school, I knew that I was going to major in Creative Writing in college, and my plans never changed. I absolutely love writing creatively, so it was the perfect choice for me.

Campus involvement: Student Desk Assistant at the UA Health Sciences Library, President of Students on Stage, Social Media Chair of SBS Ambassadors, Member of Phi Beta Kappa, Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, General Body Member of Historic Lane Hall Council, Member of Blue Chip Leadership, Member of Amnesty International.

Favorite spot on campus: I really love the Alumni Heritage Lounge in the Student Union. When I had in-person classes, I would often grab a drink at Starbucks and then settle in at one of the high tables in the back of the study lounge to do homework. It was so quiet and relaxing in there; the perfect place for an individual study session!

Favorite restaurant in Tucson: I really love Little Anthony's Diner. The atmosphere is so fun with Marilyn Monroe and Elvis singing to you, they have lots of vegetarian options, and the food is delicious!

Favorite Ambassadors nemory: When I became the Social Media Chair partway through the fall 2020 semester. The first meeting with all of the Ambassadors after the e-board announced it was so fun because everyone was so excited for me. I really felt loved, and it solidified my own love of the SBS Ambassadors family.

Plans after graduation: So much is up in the air right now that I'm not really sure about my plans after graduation! I know what I would like to happen is to have my young adult novels published and to write fiction full-time. I might also end up working in children's publishing, or I might even attend a grad school program in Writing for Children and Young Adults. I'm not completely sure, but that's okay because I know it will all work out!

Sultan Al-Sudairi

Majors: History and Religious Studies; minor in Business Administration

Why did you pick your majors: I wanted to major in subjects that I was interested in so as to make the most out of my college experience. Thankfully, I have made the right decision as I grew so much in the last four years studying topics that I was passionate about.

Campus involvement: Medieval Europe Study Tour (2018), International Rescue Committee Volunteer Work, Independent Research with Dr. Richard Eaton, Project Researcher/Program Designer Intern at the Arizona Historical Society, and Preceptor for a few classes within the College of Humanities and the College of Science.

Favorite spot on campus: The inner courtyard of the School of Natural Resources and the Environment building.

Favorite restaurant in Tucson: Empire Pizza

Favorite Ambassadors memory: When I shared a day in my life on the official Instagram account for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. It was interesting showcasing different aspects of my day to an audience who was interested in learning more about my college.

Plans after graduation: I am looking at either directly joining the workforce or applying for graduate school. Given the current situation with the pandemic, I am still weighing on my different options

Vincent Jasso

Majors: Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations and Public Management & Policy; Minors in Law and Economics

Why did you pick your majors: I chose my major because I feel like they provided the best option to learn in various areas I was interested in.

Campus involvement: Being the Lead Intern for the University of Arizona Debate Series, research assistant for Dr. Elizabeth Baldwin, and I am the Board Chair for the MCCats.

Favorite spot on campus: The grass area in front of the Arizona History Museum and the Medical Research Building courtyard are my two favorite spots!

Favorite restaurant in Tucson: El Charro

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Doing game nights with the group over Zoom!

Plans after graduation: Attending law school at the University of Colorado: Boulder!

Nathan Rix

Majors: Urban & Regional Development and Economics

Why did you pick your major: Because I find cities fascinating and I want to do everything I can to improve them!

Campus involvement: I'm an RA and and SBS ambassador

Favorite spot on campus: The Turtle Pond

Favorite restaurant in Tucson: Miss Saigon

Favorite Ambassadors memory: My very first info session!

My plans after graduation: I will be attending graduate school internationally.

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Majors: Political Science and Spanish

Minor: Portuguese

Why did you pick your majors: I chose to major in Political Science because I've always loved helping others and I thought that a career in public service would be an amazing way to do that. I chose to major in Spanish because I wanted to expand my knowledge on Latin American culture, while also improving my Spanish speaking skills. In addition, I wanted to learn a third language and that is how I was introduced to my Portuguese minor.

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassadors, UA Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, UA Young Democrats

Favorite spot on campus: UA Health Sciences Innovation Building and the Meinel Building

Favorite restaurant in Tucson: Caruso's (I love Italian food!)

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Doing takeovers for the SBS Instagram page and our SBS Ambassador bi-weekly meetings!

Plans after graduation: I plan to work in public service and hopefully attend graduate school in fall 2022!

Lily Rongey

Major:  Information Science & eSociety; Minors in Communication & Adolescent Community Education

Why did you pick your major: I picked eSociety because I had experience with photography, graphic design and web design in high school but wanted to have a similar experience to that and grow from it. I love social media as well as anything hands on, so I thought with my major it would be a perfect fit for me!

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassadors, Blue Chip Leadership Program, SALT/DRC Student

Favorite spot on campus: Sitting on the rocking chairs at Old Main to watch the sunset

Favorite restaurant in Tucson: Sauce

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Virtual Events & Team Meetings via zoom + fun games; Being a part of the Social Media and Marketing Committee team!

Erika Rozsnyai

Major: Political Science; minor in English

Why did you pick your major: Political Science combined my love for politics, history, and writing. I've been passionate about the social sciences for as long as I can remember, so it was a perfect fit for me.

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassadors, ACE with the A Center, Honors College

Favorite spot on campus: Women's Plaza of Honor

Favorite restaurant in Tucson: Fronimo's Greek Cafe

Favorite Ambassadors memory: One of our meetings where we played two truths and a lie. Someone told a story about aliens and someone else talked about how they were blocked by Drake Bell on Twitter!

Plans after graduation: Hopefully graduate school for next semester, and I plan to go to law school in the future!

Alex Wadsworth

Majors:  Criminal Justice Studies, Public Management and Policy

Why did you pick your majors: I always knew I wanted to do something in the criminal justice field. After I watched an autopsy with TPD at the Tucson Medical Examiner's Office, I knew that I wanted to be a detective of some sort. Shortly after I realized I wanted to work for federal law enforcement.

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassadors, and I worked at the Bookstores for 3.5 years!

Favorite spot on campus: The orange tree walkway between Maricopa and Gila dorms! It's so peaceful and beautiful!

Favorite restaurant in Tucson: Daisy Mae's

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Playing games after our meetings on zoom!

Plans after graduation: I am currently living in Hawaii and will be working here for another year. I am applying for a federal law enforcement position next week!