Congratulations to our Graduating SBS Ambassadors, Class of 2022!

May 13, 2022

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medly of graduation SBS Ambassadors 2022
Fifteen of our SBS Ambassadors are graduating in spring 2022!

The Student Ambassadors for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences represent the college at various student, donor, and community events. Fifteen of these amazing students are graduating this spring!

“To my wonderful graduating SBS Ambassadors, I am so impressed with your leadership and willingness to connect with future Wildcats,” said Stephanie K. Meron, recruitment coordinator for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. “No one tells the story of our college quite like you – you are truly the heartbeat of SBS. We really couldn’t accomplish everything we have without you.”

“Thank you for your energy, your amazing attitude, and your dedication to promoting a diverse and inclusive campus,” Meron added. “I am beyond proud of how you’ve grown and all you have accomplished in your college careers. Congratulations, and best of luck in all that you choose to pursue in the future. Bear Down!”

Here are some fun facts and future plans from some of these graduating SBS Ambassadors, Class of ’22!

Katie Banark

Majors: Law; Minor in Communication 

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassador, Greek Life

Favorite spot on campus: The benches by the Turtle Pond  

Favorite TV show/movie: Gossip Girl 

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Doing takeovers for the social media page!

Plans after graduation: I will be finishing the remainder of the BA in Law + MLS program here at UA 

Kris Kelley

Major: ESociety; Minor in Public Relations

Why did you pick your majors: The world of social media fascinates me.

Campus involvement: Online SBS Ambassador, PRSSA - President, AUSA Near You (online & distant) student government- Executive Vice President, member of Lambda Pi Eta, Online Student Advisory Board, Recorded a podcast for Social Media and Ourselves

Favorite spot on campus: Hmm, I got to visit when there were ginormous swings and I loved those!! Han Solos tribute is a favorite too!

Favorite TV show/movie: Schitts Creek!! 

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Visiting for Homecoming and actually meeting everyone I talk to on zoom.

Plans after graduation: Lots of sleep! I got an amazing job at Alteryx as their first Customer Experience Center Coordinator at the headquarters, we will open the center this summer, so it’s ramping up and getting ready for that amazing adventure!

Kyle Kline

Majors: Environmental Studies and Political Science

Why did you pick your majors: My majors combine the human impacts of environmental issues with the political tools we need to solve them. I hope to use my degrees to further a sustainable and just future!

Campus involvement: ASUA Administrative Vice President, UArizona Divest Co-founder, Arizona Youth Climate Coalition Tucson Division Co-founder, Students for Sustainability Waste Reduction Committee Co-Chair, and Intern for the Arizona Legislative Internship Program

Favorite spot on campus: The upper levels of ENR2. The shade, plants, and Slot Canyon Cafe make for a great space!

Favorite TV show/movie: Shark Tale

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Presentation training, it was a wonderful way to get to meet people and learn more about our campus!

Plans after graduation: Attending the University of Oxford for an MSc in Environmental Change and Management. 

Elianna Lopez

Majors: Law and Psychology; Thematic Minor in Economic Development and History

Why did you pick your majors: I chose both of my majors to go towards the career I hope to have in the future. My Law degree sets me up well to go into law, and my Psychology degree helps me by widening my perspective on human behavior.

Campus involvement: Tournament Director for Mock Trial, Psi Chi Psychology Honorary, SBS Ambassadors, Honors College

Favorite spot on campus: The grass patches along the Mall! They're a great place to sit with friends. 

Favorite TV show/movie: My favorite TV show (at the moment) is Law and Order: SVU. My favorite movie is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. If there's any book to movie adaptation that was perfect, it's that one!

Favorite Ambassadors memory: My favorite Ambassadors memory was getting together for our annual Leadership Summit and getting the opportunity to finally meet most of my fellow Ambassadors in person!

Plans after graduation: I am hoping to attend graduate school this coming fall. If not, life is a highway, and I'll be riding it all night long.

Ivana Raquel Lugo

Majors: Criminal Justice Studies; Minor in Spanish

Why did you pick your major: I remember at an early age when I would always watch true crime shows on the ID channel with my mom; I loved the mystery aspect of crime and I knew I wanted to be a detective. As I got older, I realized I would need to be a police officer first before becoming a detective! All my life I grew up with family that worked in law enforcement that I looked up to and I could always picture myself working in the Criminal Justice field. In my senior year of high school, I completed the JTED program for Law, Public Safety and Security and I was positive this was the career I wanted to pursue.

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassador, TAU Sigma National Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Favorite spot-on campus: The Harvill Building where Captain Harper teaches his classes!

Favorite TV show/movie: I loved watching Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda on the ID channel! I also enjoy watching Stranger Things on Netflix and my favorite movies are the Harry Potter series.

Favorite Ambassadors memory: My favorite memory was the SBS Ambassador Leadership Summit! It was the first time we were able to be together in person as a group and it was so much fun talking to each other and getting to know each Ambassador. I will always remember our virtual bi-weekly meetings and one of my favorites was the Halloween virtual social when I dressed up as Post Malone and tattooed my face!

Plans after graduation: I am going to Disneyland!!

Sydney Matthis

Majors: Law and Spanish 

Why did you pick your majors: I have always been interested in law. However, when I was young, I heard a story that my grandfather's product was stolen, and he received no credit for it. I felt a fire inside me from the injustice and I knew I wanted to protect those who didn’t think they had a voice. Entertainment law was a way that I could do that. I have taken Spanish since 7th grade, and I knew I needed to continue it in college.

Campus involvement: Senator for the College of SBS, SBS Executive Ambassador, President for Disney Club, member of GLAM, Intern for the Arizona State Legislative Internship Program, DRC note-taker, employee at FORGE, the SALT Center, and Bookstore

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is outside the Student Union. It’s always a great place to warm up and feel the activity all around you. However, the library is definitely a close second. It was recently renovated and it’s easy to be extremely productive there. 

Favorite TV show/movie: My favorite TV show is Psych. It’s about this guy, Shawn, who pretends to be a psychic detective so he wouldn’t be arrested. After a while, he brings his friend Gus into it, and they go on adventures solving crime for the police department. It’s hilarious!

Favorite Ambassadors memory: The Ambassadors are such a rare group. They are so supportive and encouraging and so every experience with them is truly special. However, my favorite parts have been planning the events and meetings and actually watching the ambassadors having fun and enjoying themselves. It’s a rewarding experience. 

Plans after graduation: I am proud and excited to say that I am going to be attending Southwestern Law School in August, with a concentration in Entertainment law! 

Asia Raymor

Major: Criminal Justice Studies; Minor in Criminology

Why I picked my major: The criminal justice system is broken, and I want to make a change. I’ve always been interested in all aspects of crime. I grew up watching a lot of Cops, America’s Most Wanted, and The First 48. I think that influenced my decision a lot!

Favorite TV show: I love “trash” TV: 90 Day Fiancé, Temptation Island, pretty much any reality show.

Favorite Ambassador Memory: Putting together our first annual Leadership Summit.

Plans after graduation: Taking some very much needed time off, but I plan on job searching in the fall of 2022 and potentially applying to graduate school! 

Destiny Ruiz

Majors: Communication; minor in Marketing 

Why did you pick your major: Communication seemed like the right fit for me. I enjoyed learning about people and how we interact within organizations as well as on personal levels. 

Campus involvement: President of FCUA, recruitment manager for College Ventures.

Favorite spot on campus: walking from Eller to the library I’d always stop by the citrus trees. I’d study there too on nice days, but I always made it a point to walk under the trees. 

Favorite TV show/movie: Attack on Titan 

Favorite Ambassadors memory: During Covid, we would play trivia games via zoom and that was so much fun! I really appreciate the shared experience of dealing with a pandemic while being full time students, it was something I looked forward to every week.

Plans after graduation: I plan to stay in Phoenix and work for the government or a lobbying firm. Hopefully that'll lead me back to communications and media!

Jordan-Isaiah Toyos

Majors: Law and Political Science with an emphasis in American Politics

Why did you pick your majors: I picked the BA in law because it was a one-of-a kind program in the United States. I always knew that I wanted to attend law school upon graduation and what better way to get prepared for that than taking classes that will shape me into a better critical thinker. I selected political science because I have a strong passion to understand how policymakers shape the everyday lives of everyday Americans.

Campus involvement: ASUA Student Body Senator, Mortarboard Senior Honor Society, SBS ambassador, ASUA Appropriations Board, COVID-19 research as a Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions Coder, Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain completing an international marketing internship, two congressional internships at the office of Congressman Raul Grijalva and the Arizona Secretary of State’s office, internship through the University psychology department named LIFEStep.

Favorite spot on campus: The ASUA Office. I always get to see my friends there and it is a spot for all students to complete homework and re-energize.

Favorite Ambassadors memory: My favorite memory is being able to do the Instagram takeover while I was studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain.

Plans after graduation: After graduation I will be attending the London School of Economics and Political Science to pursue my MSc in Human Rights and Politics. Upon earning myMSc, I plan to attend law school at Harvard Law School the fall semester of 2023.