Congratulations to our Graduating SBS Ambassadors, Class of 2023!

May 8, 2023
Congratulations, graduating ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences represent the college at various student, donor, and community events. Ten of these amazing students are graduating this spring!

“To my wonderful graduating SBS Ambassadors, I am so impressed with your leadership and willingness to connect with future Wildcats,” said Stephanie K. Meron, recruitment coordinator for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. “No one tells the story of our college quite like you – you are truly the heartbeat of SBS. We really couldn’t accomplish everything we have without you.”

“Thank you for your energy, your amazing attitude, and your dedication to promoting a diverse and inclusive campus,” Meron added. “I am beyond proud of how you’ve grown and all you have accomplished in your college careers. Congratulations, and best of luck in all that you choose to pursue in the future. Bear Down!”

Here are some fun facts and future plans from some of these graduating SBS Ambassadors, Class of ’23!

Karissa Bowers

Karissa Bowers

Majors: History, Arabic, and Middle Eastern and North African Studies

Why I chose my majors: I started school as a history major and MENAS and Arabic were not even slightly on my radar. However, I took a gen ed on the religion of Islam with Maha Nassar and loved it so much that I took another course with her the next semester on modern MENA history. The region and language are so cool, and I decided to add MENAS and Arabic in my second year. Dr. Nassar ended up serving as my honors thesis advisor this year, which was a cool full circle experience.

Campus involvement: Recruitment intern for the College of SBS, SBS Ambassador, Honors, PBK, Student Worker at ONCS

Favorite spot on campus: I love walking around the mall after grabbing tea at Scented Leaf or Saigon Pho.

Favorite TV show/movie: New Girl is always a favorite, but I am a big fan of sitcoms in general.

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Painting together at our meetings

Plans after graduation: I am still figuring them out, but I hope napping and eating snacks make the list :)

Melanie Furman


Majors: Public Management and Policy with minors in Sociology and Gender and Women's Studies

Why I chose my majors: Upon entering college, I knew I wanted to work in the public sector, and I picked my major because I am a self-proclaimed government nerd. I love everything to do with state politics and the policy process. At the same time, I have always been interested in equal rights advocacy work. I love the fusion of policy studies and gender and women's studies. I knew I wanted to use a degree in public policy to fight for equity through structural policy changes.

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassador (current Co-Vice President), THINK TANK Writing Center Peer Tutor, School of Government and Public Policy Student Governance Board member, School of Government and Public Policy Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee undergraduate representative, Intern at the Arizona State Senate through the Arizona Legislative Internship Program, Orientation and Welcome Leader, W.A. Franke Honors College Ambassador, ASUA Elections Commission member, Arizona Alumni Association Legacy Scholar

Favorite spot on campus: either of the libraries or Bear Down Building!

Favorite TV show/movie: Anything that is a welcome escape from school, and so it varies all the time!

Favorite Ambassadors memory: My favorite Ambassador memory is our club meetings. I joined Ambassadors in the 2020-2021 academic year, and the club kept me connected with the university and with my peers in a time where it was so challenging to socialize and make connections. It's also been really exciting being on the executive board for the first year SBS Ambassadors has been fully in-person since pre-pandemic. I love getting to connect with my fellow Ambassadors!

Plans after graduation: Continuing and completing a Master of Public Policy here at the University of Arizona in the School of Government and Public Policy!

Lizbet Gutierrez

Lizbet Gutierrez

Majors: History and L3

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassadors, Greek Life, Arizona Ambassadors

Favorite spot on campus: Main Library

Favorite TV show/movie: Gossip Girl

Plans after graduation: Attending grad school to pursue my master's in teaching and teacher education


Kidron Grace Martin


Majors: History and Religious Studies

Why I picked my majors: I picked my majors because of how well they work together! I came into the University of Arizona as a History major because studying history had always been my favorite subject growing up, and I knew that it was something I wanted to pursue further for my degree. I ended up changing my minor of Religious Studies into a second major because it was also something that I was passionate about studying, and I loved the deeper context that it provided for me for my History degree. Both History and Religious Studies are concerned about developing a deeper understanding of our world and the people and cultures within it, which is something that I think is absolutely crucial for obtaining in our very globalized society. It enables stronger connections between people based on understanding, which is extremely necessary for navigating the future!

Campus involvement: I am a co-captain for Scorch, which is the Women's Ultimate Frisbee D-1 Club Team for the University of Arizona. I am an ambassador for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the College of Humanities, and the WA Franke Honors College, where I am on the Leadership Team for Recruitment and Training. I am also a member of Phi Alpha Theta (Honors History Club), RELIC (Religious Studies Club), Phi Beta Kappa, and the Ramblers Hiking Club.

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is Bear Down Field (BDF). BDF is where Scorch practices weekly, and it is my favorite spot because not only have I seen some incredible Arizona sunsets there but also because it is where I can always count on having a good time with my teammates who are some of my best friends. It is pretty much guaranteed that everyone leaves practice with a smile after spending time having fun and playing frisbee together. It is such an incredible community that I will definitely miss after graduation!

Favorite TV show/movie: Definitely a tie between X-Files and Ted Lasso (my roommate recently got me hooked on Ted Lasso)!

Favorite Ambassadors memory: My favorite Ambassadors memory is the Halloween social after our meeting where we got to paint pumpkins. It was such a fun time getting to know my fellow ambassadors and also hanging out with the friends that I have within the club. It was a great time to unwind after the school day, and I got some pretty cool decorated pumpkins as a result of attending the event!

Plans after graduation: After graduating from the University of Arizona, I will be attending graduate school in the fall at Harvard Divinity School for a Master's in Theological Studies with an emphasis in the History of Christianity. I am super excited to be living in Boston soon, but I will definitely miss my time at the University of Arizona!

Samantha Elizabeth Moya

Samantha Elizabeth Moya

Major: Care, Health and Society

Campus Involvement: SBS Ambassador, President CHS/SOC Club, Student worker in the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.

Favorite spot-on campus:  outside on the grass under the trees in front of the administration building or in the Main Library on the second floor right in front of the window.

Favorite Ambassador Memory: Major Charades during our meetings.

Plans after graduation: Starting a master's in public health at UA and continuing to work full time as a Clinical Resource Equity Coordinator on the project AZ REACH.

Favorite movie: The Age of Adaline

Jessica Noperi


Major: Care, Health & Society

Why I picked my major: I like the flexibility of the major in being able to take classes I felt were interesting and most important to what I wanted to do. Overall, it has greatly impacted my interest in working with communities for improving overall health disparities.

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassadors, Student Health Advocacy Committee (SHAC), undergraduate research assistant in the office of community outreach and education for the University of Arizona Cancer Center

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus would have to be the shady seating area behind the Drachman hall building on the health sciences campus. It carries some nice memories with friends and it’s always nice to get out of the Tucson sun.

Favorite TV show/movie: My favorite movie is Spirited Away

Favorite Ambassadors memory: I would say my favorite memory was getting together at a meeting to destress and painting

Plans after graduation: I will continue to attend the University of Arizona as a graduate student in the College of Public Health’s Master of Public Health program with a concentration in Epidemiology.

Andrea Ramirez


Major: Care, Health, and Society

Why I picked my major: I chose this major because it is very broad and there are many different career paths you can look into and take, because of this major I found out I enjoy working with children through an internship!

Campus Involvement: I am an ambassador for the college of SBS

Favorite Spot on Campus: Old Main by the fountain, it's always so relaxing and peaceful

Favorite TV show/Movie: Friends/Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Favorite Ambassadors Memory: Last year at our "Halloween Event Party" it was virtual because of COVID issues but everyone dressed up and it was so much fun even though it was virtual.

Plans after graduation: I will be pursuing a masters degree in 'Clinical Mental Health Counseling' and I will continue to work with the organization I was placed in for my internship.