Congratulations to our Graduating SBS Ambassadors, Class of 2024!

April 30, 2024
Photo montage of nine graduating SBS Ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences represent the college at various student, donor, and community events. Nine of these amazing students are graduating this spring!

“I am always so impressed with our group of SBS ambassadors. They have exhibited remarkable leadership skills through their work with prospective SBS students, and no one tells the story of our college quite like they do,” said Stephanie K. Meron, recruitment coordinator for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. “From assisting with large recruitment events to speaking on student panels, SBS ambassadors help facilitate effective peer-to-peer conversations as students explore their options for undergraduate study.”

“I am thankful for their energy, positive attitude, and amazing work ethic,” Meron added. “To our graduating ambassadors – congratulations, and best of luck in all that you choose to pursue in the future. Bear Down!”

Here are some fun facts and future plans from some of these graduating SBS Ambassadors, Class of ’24!

Sophia Horovitz

Woman with long blonde hair standing outside in graduation gown

Major(s): Law, Spanish, Sociology

Why did you pick your major: I came to the University of Arizona knowing I wanted to study law. The BA in law program intrigued me and is what made me choose to attend the University of Arizona in the first place! I then added Spanish as a major to continue my passion for the language that started in elementary school. Lastly, during my junior year, I decided to add sociology as a third major so I could stay at the University of Arizona for four years and explore different courses at SBS!

Campus involvement: Bobcats Senior Honorary, SBS Recruitment Intern and SBS Ambassador, Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, Assistant General Manager at Shake Smart. 

Favorite spot on campus: Bear Down Gym

Favorite TV show/movie: Friends and Suits

Favorite Ambassadors memory: I love being able to present informational sessions to prospective students and families every Friday!

Plans after graduation: I will be attending law school at the University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law to pursue my Juris Doctorate. 

Faith Arvin

Woman with long brown hair standing outside in a graduation gown

Major(s): Care, Health and Society with a minor in Nutritional Sciences

Why did you pick your major: Wanting a career in health care, I chose this major to better understand and examine the social dimensions of health and healthcare, and be able to use it in a way that would positively impact my career in a helping profession. 

Campus involvement: Social media chair of UA CHS/SOC Club 2022-23, SBS ambassador 2022-2024, PPAH Club

Plans after graduation: I am going into the Navy. 

Ava Goldstein 

Woman with dark hair, standing in a street wearing a blue graduation gown

Major(s): Double major in psychology and sociology with a minor in criminology

Why did you pick your major: I chose these fields to study because I am interested in becoming a licensed clinician and potentially helping with the mental resources in incarceration facilities. 

Campus Involvement: On campus, I was the selections chair for Links Junior Honorary, president of Psi Chi International Psychology Honor Society, vice president of Order of Omega, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, and an ambassador for SBS. 

Favorite TV show/movie: My favorite show is How I Met Your Mother and my favorite movie is Hairspray. 

Favorite Ambassadors memory: My favorite Ambassador memory is working at any event with Gianna Walters or interviewing staff at the SBS table for homecoming. 

Plans after graduation: I will be moving to Colorado to attend the University of Denver’s master’s program in clinical mental health counseling.

Izolda Mihaly 

Woman with dark brown hair and black tank top smiling in a selfie

Major(s): Criminal Justice Studies

Why did you pick your majors: I chose to major in criminal justice because of my passion for fairness and equality, particularly in addressing the disproportionate impact of crime on vulnerable populations like women and children. Witnessing firsthand the shortcomings of the legal system, I am driven to understand it better and advocate for justice and support for those most affected. My goal is to help individuals navigate through the complexities of the legal system, whether as victims seeking justice or individuals in need of rehabilitation. I believe in the importance of a criminal justice system that is not only punitive but also rehabilitative and restorative, and I aim to contribute to creating a more compassionate and just society through my studies and future career endeavors.

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassadors, Sigma Lambda Gamma, ASA Fellowship, Student Recruiter at Old Main and Blue Chip Leadership Team Leader

Favorite spot on campus: Scented Leaf and Turtle Pond :)

Favorite TV show/movie: My favorite movie of all time is Someone Great on Netflix

Favorite Ambassadors memory: A Halloween social where we painted pumpkins. It really allowed me to make a lot of friends in SBS Ambassadors and it was overall such a fun time where we got to bond and laugh together.

Plans after graduation: I plan to move back to Phoenix and start working for the Arizona Students Association as well as become a barista again while I wait to apply to my master’s program.

Ethan Woodard 

Man standing outside and waving hello, in a graduation gown

Major(s): Political Science

Why did you pick your majors: I've always had a passion for serving my community and post-graduation I hope to continue that passion by working for the local or federal government to be able to help those around me. 

Campus involvement: Delta Kappa Epsilon, Interfraternity Council, Peace Corps Club, Rotaract Club, SPURS Sophomore Honorary, Freshman Class Council

Favorite spot on campus: ENR2 

Favorite TV show/movie: The West Wing

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Admitted Students Day

Plans after graduation: Pursue a master’s in public administration. 

Olivia Yaffe

Woman standing on stone steps, holding a diploma and wearing a blue graduation gown

Major(s): B.S. Anthropology Emphasis Human Biology

Why did you pick your major: At first I chose my major because I wanted to become an archaeologist, but now I am pursuing a career in physical therapy. However, I fell in love with the major, and how it provides a holistic perspective on humanity. 

Campus involvement: Anthropology Club, P.O.S.T Club, Teaching Teams Program, Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology (BARA).

Favorite spot on campus: the Arizona State Museum Lawn

Favorite TV show/movie: Supernatural

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Working at Admitted Students Day

Plans after graduation: I am going to Arcadia University to get my doctorate in Physical Therapy!

Katy Chichester 

Woman with long dark hair standing on white steps of old building in a graduation gown

Major(s): Communication and Psychology with a minor in Math

Campus involvement: Student Health Advocacy Committee (SHAC), SBS Ambassador

Favorite movie: The Way Way Back

Favorite spot on campus: the ENR2 Building, Old Main, or anywhere along the mall

Favorite Ambassadors memory: Admitted Students Day last year was so fun and a great opportunity to show my Wildcat pride! I also love our socials, where I’ve grown closer to my fellow ambassadors! I am grateful to have met such amazing people who share similar interests and goals!                                               

Hamad Alomar 

Man with dark hair stands outside in front of an old building, wearing a blue graduation gown

Major(s): Political Science, with a concentration on International Relations. 

Why did you pick your majors: Political Science is an interesting major. Many people have negative perceptions when you mention you are a political science major; however, they are not aware of the different fields of political science, which makes people negatively perceive it. International Relations allowed me to view the world in a different perspective and it allowed me to critically analyze current and past world situations. Throughout my time doing political science, I have developed an interest in the formation of the state, democracy studies, violence, and law and political development of states. Political Science is such a diverse major and you can learn a lot from it. 

Campus involvement: SBS Ambassadors and Member of Organizing Committee for Arizona Latin American Studies Symposium (Spring 2023) 

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus would be ENR2. This is possibly one of the prettiest buildings on campus and it's very calm and perfectly designed. Although it's an open space, it's pretty cool inside. I really love how environmentally friendly ENR2 is as well.  

Favorite TV show/movie: Grey's Anatomy, Palm Royale, The White Lotus, Scandal, Downton Abbey, The Gilded Age, VEEP, Madame Secretary, Lessons in Chemistry, The Menu, The Renaissance Tour movie by Beyonce, The Help, The Hobbit (Franchise), The Intern, The proposal, and The Hundred-Foot Journey

Favorite Ambassadors memory: My favorite memory would be Homecoming and Admitted Students Day. Although those days were pretty hectic, it was nice engaging with alumni and prospective UA students. 

Plans after graduation: I will be continuing in the education route and attain a master’s degree in International Affairs at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. After graduate school, I have no idea where life takes me, but law school will definitely be in my plan or head back to my home country, Kuwait, to hopefully work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and hopefully become a diplomat and represent my country proudly.