Donor In Paradise

Dec. 7, 2018
Adam Gottschalk

Adam Gottschalk attended last year’s homecoming festivities, introducing his girlfriend Raven to the infectious Wildcat spirit.


If you’re a fan of ABC’s The Bachelorette—or a self-proclaimed member of Bachelor Nation—you may remember Adam Gottschalk from season 13. Or maybe you remember him from season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise, where he began a relationship with Raven Gates. But at the UA, Adam is much more than a television personality. He’s a young, inspiring, alumnus philanthropist.

Adam committed to a gift of $25,000. His gift will go toward the completion of UA’s new Indoor Practice Center, a key strategic initiative for UA Athletics.

To Adam, the gift is personal. In 2008, he secured a spot on the UA Football team as a recruited walk-on. Two years later, his hard work earned him a full athletic scholarship.

He believes in hard work, mental preparation, and always being ‘3 steps ahead’ in all he does. “My scholarship helped me out a lot when I was a student,” he says, “I always felt very supported at the UA, and this gift is my way of giving back and supporting others.”

As a member of the football team, Adam played safety, accompanying the team during three bowl performances: the Las Vegas Bowl in 2008, the Holiday Bowl in 2009, and the Alamo Bowl in 2010.

Off the field, he majored in Urban and Regional Development and minored in Business Management. As a commercial real estate expert, he’s now putting that UA degree to good use, being one of the youngest emerging commercial real estate agents in the nation and being named the “Top Power Broker” in Dallas Magazine’s 2015, 2016 and 2017 CEO Edition.

Adam is an inspiring example of what young UA alumni can accomplish and how they can make a difference on campus. When completed, the Indoor Practice Center will, provide crucial practice space for multiple sports, primarily during summer and turbulent monsoon storms. It will also increase athlete safety and help recruit players who may be concerned about practicing day after day in the heat.

In addition to his philanthropy, Adam continues to stay connected to campus. He attended last year’s homecoming festivities, introducing his girlfriend Raven to the infectious Wildcat spirit. He also gives shout outs to the UA through his extremely popular social media channels.

As an influential young alumnus, his generosity has us excited about the next generation of UA philanthropists.


Story provided by UA Foundation


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