Innovation Circle Student Spotlight: Zoë Goebel

April 29, 2024
A man in a red shirt standing with a blonde woman in a dark blue dress

Steve Lynn and Zoë Goebel at the 20th Anniversary Innovation Circle reception.

Innovation Circle Scholar Zoë Goebel studies communication and public relations and truly “sees” the impact of taking initiative. She has maintained a cumulative 4.0 GPA, recruits for Alpha Chi Omega, served as president of the University of Arizona chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America, and works part-time. After graduation, Zoë will continue an accelerated master’s program and plans to work in public relations. 

That motivation started well before college. As a child, Zoë had vision problems, which affected her self-confidence in school. 

“I felt inferior because my classmates seemed to do great in things like reading, while I could barely spell out a word. Once I got my glasses, everything changed. I was able to see the board and learn. With my mom’s help every night, doing homework at the kitchen table, I started to feel competent in academics and no longer faced inertia with my education,” Zoë recounted. “At that table, I developed the most crucial skill — initiative — which has helped me achieve much, including becoming a Wildcat.” 

Now, she is grateful for her Innovation Circle Patron’s support. 

“Thank you so much to my amazing scholarship Patrons, Steve and Nancy Lynn. Their generosity has made a huge impact on my academic career. Their kindness eased my financial burden and allowed me to focus on what truly matters — my studies,” Zoë said. “Their philanthropy inspired me to aim high and tackle difficult obstacles with confidence so that one day, I too, can support a future Wildcat’s education!”


This story was included in the spring 2024 Developments newsletter.