Magellan Circle Student Spotlight: Abigail Fitzmorris

April 23, 2023
Abigail  Fitzmorris with Margy McGonagill and Garry Bryant

Magellan Circle Scholar Abigail Fitzmorris (center) with her Patrons Margy McGonagill and Garry Bryant.

Abigail Fitzmorris, the student speaker at the Magellan Circle brunch, will graduate this spring with a B.A. in political science and minors in criminology and French. After graduation, Abigail will apply to master’s programs in international affairs, with the goal of working for the Foreign Service.

In addition to being involved in the Greek community on campus, Abigail is a Club Advocate for ASUA and an SBS Student Ambassador.

Moving twice during her adolescence was difficult, and Abigail wasn’t excited to attend the University of Arizona. She struggled with mental health challenges and “lackluster” grades, she said.

It wasn’t until the pandemic forced a reboot of her college experience that Abigail found her path, joining Kappa Alpha Theta, Links Junior Honorary, and other groups.

“I came to the realization that you get what you give in life, and that time of self-reflection at home during the pandemic really made me realize how I was expecting to get so much yet giving so little,” Abigail said. “Through each and every opportunity received or connection forged, the pride I felt in my school deepened and subsequent passion blossomed.”

Abigail added, “This magical community and bountiful opportunities don’t just merely exist, either – they are afforded to us by the generous donors who believe in the University and its students. My fellow scholarship recipients and I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to funding not only our dreams, but our own sense of pride and loyalty in our identity as Arizona students.”


This story was included in the Spring 2023 Developments newsletter.