Our 13 favorite student messages at SBS Convocation

Thanks everyone for making the SBS Spring Convocation a blast. We had nearly 1,200 graduating seniors and each submitted a 75-character message to show their appreciation and immortalize their time here at the University of Arizona.

Here are just a handful of our favorites.

1. I love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day!!! Thanks for always being by my side.

–Fernando, Information Science & Arts

Moms really won the day, with more than 330 messages specifically praising matriarchs for their support and several Mother's Day shout outs! Dads, grandparents, "the fam," and even a few pets got thanked for their support too.

mom love GIF by Kidnap Movie


2. Anyone hiring?

–Sean, Economics

Way to network, Sean! We know SBS grads are in demand so keep it up and let us know how it goes.

 RuPaul saying "You're Hired"


3. Please transfer money into my checking account. Love you guys

–Derek, Journalism

Some parents say their kids ask for money at every opportunity. I guess it is true!

Woman saying "Money pleeeeeease"


4. Thank you for all of your support, also can I borrow $200k for med school?

–Michael, Anthropology

Anyone want to help Michael out? 

Noam Chomsky drinking from coffee cup and saying "K"


5. I will pay back your support with quality journalism and truth-seeking.

–Jamie, Journalism

Jamie wasn't alone with a message about going out into the world and doing great things. We can't wait to see you all shine!

Animated gif of Savanah Guthrie outside of the Today Show


6. Thanks to those professors who have helped a lot

–Youcheng, Economics

Several graduates specfically showed appreciation for our awesome SBS professors. *sniff*

Animated gif of the student standing on desk from Dead Poet's Society


7. The sentimentality in these messages is making me nauseous. 

–James, Law

Alright, it's true that more than 75 percent of the messages were love letters to our students' supporters. But thankfully there were people like James to keep us from overdosing on all the sugary love. 

stop it cookie lyon GIF by Empire FOX


8. Master has given Dobby a diploma! Dobby is free! P.S. Love you Mom

–Samantha, Information Science and Technology

For the record, most of our students do not compare their experience in SBS to the life of a house elf. But after years of studying and hard work, the Class of 2018 should certainly be celebrating their freedom!

Animated gif of Dobby from Harry Potter


9. Four years of my life here and all I get is 75 characters??? This is bullsh

–Jessica, Journalism

Several grads used their 75 characters, well, to joke and complain about having only 75 characters! Apparently it happens every year.

Cleveland Cavaliers Seriously GIF by NBA


10. Chris gained the power of a college degree!! Knowledge +8, Money -99

–Christopher, Creative Writing

We don't think you're giving yourself enought credit, Christopher. But you did make us laugh!

99 problems


11. "It's an avocado..thanks!" Me accepting my diploma.

–Mark, Sociology

We actually had never heard of this meme. But when we did a search and found this video, we could not stop watching.

Child unwrapping a present that is an avocado


12. I made it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

–McKenzie, Environmental Studies

Yeah, you did! Way to go Class of 2018!

Otter giving a human a fist bump


13. Let's go cats! Bear Down!

–Jeremy, Political Science

More than 20 graduates showed their Wildcat pride in their messages. Although perhaps none as much as this fan:

UA fan dancing


14. Bonus!

Who better to tell our grads to Bear Down than College of SBS alum (Communication, 2012) and MVP of the 2018 Super Bowl Nick Foles:

Nick Foles wearing a UA ski hat


Congrats again to all our SBS 2018 grads!

Published Date: 

05/09/2018 - 2:53pm