SBS Faculty Presenting at UArizona SXSW Wonder House

March 3, 2023
UArizona Wonder House at SXSW

Several amazing College of SBS faculty members are presenting at 2023 South by Southwest (SXSW) as part of the University of Arizona Wonder House. Topics include gender equity, historically accurate video games, Latin/x media, and climate data.

In addition to these presentations, SBS Dean Lori Poloni-Staudinger interviewed Noam Chomsky, laureate professor of linguistics and Agnese Nelms Haury Chair, on the future. That video that will be available online throughout the festival. 

Mary Rigdon

Myth Busting: Women, Competitiveness, and Equity with Mary Rigdon, PhD

Despite what you think or have heard, there is no gender competitiveness gap. It's a myth that women are not as competitive as men. Rigdon's research makes a business and ethical case for greater inclusion, equity, and opportunity to place more women on boards and in C-­Suites.

Mary Rigdon is the director of the Center for the Philosophy of Freedom and an associate professor in the Department of Political Economy & Moral Science.

Date: 3/12/23 Time: 1 PM Location: The Wonder House, Surround Stage

Alison Futrell and Paul Milliman

Gaming the Past: History as Time Travel with Alison Futrell, PhD, and Paul Milliman, PhD

Travel Arizona History’s path breaking collaboration with Age of Empires IV opens new possibilities for creative and meaningful virtual time travel. Dive into immersive gaming and rich history with the professors behind the Age of Empires IV Illuminated History Experience.

Alison Futrell is professor and head of the Department of History. Paul Milliman is associate professor in the Department of History.

Date: 3/12/23 Time: 5:30 PM Location: The Wonder House, Surround Stage

Jessica Retis

Latino/a/x Cultures and Media: Going Global with Jessica Retis, PhD

The US is becoming the 2nd largest Spanish speaking country in the world, yet media companies still look at the Latinx market as a block, leading to missed opportunities in coverage, editorial and market share.

Jessica Retis is professor and director of the School of Journalism.

Date: 3/13/23 Time: 4 PM Location: The Wonder House, Surround Stage

Beth Tellman and Joellen Russel

Climate Data is Power - to the People with Joellen Russell, PhD, and Beth Tellman, PhD

As climate scientists - and moms - we know that future generations depend on us making good decisions today about where and how to develop our human society and protect our planet. When we harness the power of big climate data, we can all make better decisions for our cities, our countries and our homes.

Beth Tellman is an assistant professor in the School of Geography, Development & Environment.

Date: 3/14/23 Time: 4 PM Location: The Wonder House, Surround Stage