Find Research Funding

Funding sources within SBS and the university for graduate students and faculty tend to involve faster turnaround times but smaller amounts of money than external funding sources.

There is a great variety of external funding opportunities, Our research support staff can help you evaluate multiple opportunities and strategize on proposal development and submission timelines.

UA-Internal Funding

Lists and Databases of External Funders

Limited Submissions

Many external grants limit the number of submissions (e.g., by institution or PI). The Office for Research and Discovery handles the process for choosing which proposal(s) the UA submits in these cases.

If you are aiming at a funding opportunity with such limitations, check ORD's Limited Solicitations Calendar first.

All limited submission applications must first be submitted to SBS Dean's Office for college-level review and submission to ORD. Proposals on which SBS faculty/researchers are principal investigators must be submitted to Jane Zavisca, Associate Dean for Research, at least one week before the ORD deadline, to provide sufficient time for coordination of internal review.

SBSRI and the SBS research dean are happy to advise on the development of limited submission pre-proposals, provided sufficient advance notice. Note that Research Development Services in ORD does not assist with proposal development for limited submission pre-proposals or other internal competitions.